5 Benefits of Strong Workplace Communication

The Harsh Reality

Like most things in life, communication can either make or break a relationship whether it is in a personal or professional setting. The same is true for restaurants.

If you can't establish a great communicational relationship, your business is doomed to fail. The alternative using the best employee scheduling software between team members. In doing so, you can expect to see a boom in business.

Even though everyone knows how important communication is, most people will not invest the time or energy to work on their issues with it.

Common reasons for employee turnover, due to being fired or quitting, are

  • Negative mindset
  • Not wanting to work in a team setting
  • Disobeying orders
  • Inappropriate behavior or language

If you're a business owner or manager, you probably already know this. But what you might not know is the number of people fired or laid off each year. In 2016, a total of 19,965,000 people were fired or laid off in the US alone.

You do not want your business to contribute to increasing this number, mainly because the costs of losing an employee and hiring a new one are very high.

Workplace communication is what makes or breaks a business and is an essential part of any work environment. It improves relationships between employees and ultimately results in happier customers.

But if communication is at a low level, it could be detrimental to the business. It could incur losses for the business and possibly increase employee turnover.

Effective communication is beneficial in a number of ways. Here are some of the key points.

One - Improves Team Performance

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While it might seem like your team has bigger issues than communication, like performance, that can most likely be fixed by improving communication.

A team that trusts each other is a top-performing team.

When people build relationships, they build trust. Employee scheduling software can assist in improving these aspects.

For example, a staff member might think that another employee is given special scheduling privileges and may become frustrated about this. The anger builds up and he starts ruining the mood for everyone in the restaurant, and it ultimately affects the customers and the restaurant's reputation.

If the frustrated employee just spoke to management about the misunderstanding, that employee would have a better understanding of the situation at hand. This would immediately alleviate the situation, and low morale would have been avoided.

Two - Increases Efficiency

Poor communication is equivalent to working in an environment that is short-staffed. It feels like there is a missing component, and you're always trying to catch up.

Many times, this is a barrier between employees and managers. For example, a message regarding a project may not get through clearly, or the instructions aren't provided, as they should, resulting in poor results.

Usually, this results in wasted time, wasted effort, and wasted resources spent. This may be due to employees being scheduled for shifts that do not coincide with their availability.

Therefore, if an employee is unhappy with a scheduled shift, he/she will most likely work less effectively. If these concerns from employees are not addressed with management, then nothing gets resolved, and tensions will continue to rise.

In addition to improving communication, the use of best employee scheduling software can help address these concerns, as scheduling software can recommend the best employees for the right and preferred shifts.

Three - Boosts Employee-Manager Relationships

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If an employee has great communication with the manager, it's only natural that loyalty between management and employees will continue to improve.

Just being able to freely discuss many topics and issues, both personal and professional, there will be a noticeable and positive shift in morale.

On top of that, this relationship would increase the level of trust between employees and managers, which makes employees perform better both when the manager is and when he isn't watching.

When both sides respect each other, everything goes much smoother.

Four - Mitigates Conflicts

It is natural for conflicts to arise between two different people. But having bad communication between them usually means the conflicts do not get easily solved. This could be a problem for the restaurant because their mood affects the staff's mood and ultimately the customers' moods, as well.

Sometimes, conflicts arise because of aspects happening in an employee's personal life. Whatever the reason may be, a negative attitude has a direct impact on everyone around customers and co-workers included.

Thankfully, the best employee scheduling software comes with instant chat features, which makes it easy for the manager to privately talk with an employee about their personal issues even when they're not at work.

The easiest way to resolve a conflict is to look at that person's thought process.

Five - Increases Customer Satisfaction

Communication isn't just important between co-workers, but it is also vital for employee-manager relationships.

It's also important when it comes to customers. How a waiter greets the staff could make their day that much happier.

Talking with a happy tone of voice, as opposed to a more sad-feeling tone, transfers to the customers and they'll feel happier because of it.

Also, saying Good Evening, can I recommend our daily special? goes a long way to distinguish your restaurant from all the others who use Good Evening, what can I get you? as their opening phrase.

Ending Thoughts

Some people have great communication skills from the start, but some feel more anxious when they're talking. It's not just about being right or wrong, it's about expressing yourself honestly, having open and fun discussions with your colleagues and ensure everyone is at their best.

Bad communication can cause anger, frustration, anxiousness, fear and more negative emotions.

The best employee scheduling software can help you improve communication by empowering you with communication tools that allow you and your employees to collaborate in unison, so everyone is on the same page.