Must-Have Features for a Good Restaurant Business Scheduling App


Using scheduling software is an excellent way of improving the managerial efficiency of your restaurant. Manual schedule creation can be a complicated and time-consuming task. When you incorporate technology into this practice, you can prepare and distribute work schedules at an accelerated rate.

It will assist restaurant managers in dividing their time in the best way possible and tending to more meaningful roles, like customer interaction and customer service.

However, you cannot get the above benefits unless you know what qualifies as the best online weekly schedule maker for your restaurant.

The secret is to look at the features that the solution has to offer.

It is difficult for a restaurant to operate without scheduling software. In addition, it can be a waste of time to invest in a solution that will not give you the desired results and benefits.

Here are some of the top features that you need to look for when shopping for a restaurant business scheduling app.

Benefits for Management

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Track Hours Automatically
The scheduling system should track the number of hours each employee has worked automatically. The system should allow the manager to set the maximum number of hours for every employee. An excellent job business scheduling app will warn you if you exceed this limit.

Easy to Change Schedules Through Drag and Drop
The process or job scheduling in a restaurant calls for constant changes. An ideal job online weekly schedule maker should give users easy-change options. The drag and drop system happens to be the most convenient option for job scheduling.

Integration with the Payroll
You can improve efficiency in the workplace by integrating the scheduling system with the payroll. The scheduling system should be able to export files that you need to import into your payroll at the minimum. It will reduce the amount of data that you will be entering into your payroll system manually hence improving the efficiency.

Multiple Manager Logins
Even though scheduling is the task of one manager, there comes a time when the manager is absent. You should have multiple logins with the right permissions, especially if your restaurant operates 24/7.

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Individually Assign Tasks to Employees
There are times when you assign your employees over one responsibility in the same week. The best scheduling system will give you the ability to define multiple roles for the same employee.

Private Until You Publish
The manager must finish working on the schedule before the workers can view it. The manager should establish that he has a complete and accurate schedule before allowing the team to view their schedules.

Easy Integration
Apart from scheduling tasks, the scheduling tool can accomplish several other tasks. At some point, you may require different types of scheduling tools. It is wise to go for an integrated job scheduling application to allow you to do most of your work with minimal hassle.

Offers Guidance
The beauty of machine utilization is that it guides nearly all work processes. Job centric views help users to understand how they can implement effective job scheduling. The job scheduler should make sure that you implement the right schedule to avoid overbooking. In case one of your machines breaks down, the scheduler should help you look at the available spares. It should also help you to re-schedule the task accordingly.

Benefits for Employees

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Mobile Optimization
The best job scheduling tools should not have any limitations to access. Users should be able to log in and do what they want from anywhere and at any time. The software should have an anywhere and anytime access. Think about this when you are considering to get a tool from a technical point of view. The software that is written in JavaScript and HTML5 technology supports this function. An excellent example of a tool that has no limitations is Zip Schedules. Users can access this software from their mobile devices.

Trying to interact with non-responsive web pages is a frustrating experience. Therefore, you need a scheduling tool that has a responsive design. It is better to develop native Apps for Android and iOS because they adjust to the size of the screen automatically.

Focus on Visual Scheduling
Some job scheduling tools are built from the perspective of data and not users. Using a visual format will make the software more user-friendly. The primary foundation of job scheduling tools is visual scheduling and visual aspects.

A Purpose-Constructed Scheduling Engine That Permits Visual Scheduling
As we have mentioned in the previous point, the best tool should focus on the element of visual scheduling. However, you also need a purpose constructed engine that supports visual scheduling. The engine works like a scheduling intelligence that supports the other features during re-scheduling.

Notifies Employees of Newly Published Schedules Automatically
A sound system will send automatic notifications through email or text once the manager publishes the schedule. Also, it will notify the employees when there are any changes in the current schedule.

In conclusion, with all the above pointers, you have all it takes to choose a good online weekly schedule maker for your restaurant. You need a tool that will lead to smooth operations in the workplace. One of the systems that meet all the above features is Zip Schedules. You can rely on this tool to streamline the processes in your workplace, making way for seamless employee schedule creation.