How The Right Schedule Maker Can Drive Value Across Your Business

How Accurate Employee Scheduling Can Drive Value Across Your Business

It's a fact that every business needs to have the right personnel available at the right time. This means that at a fundamental level, a great employee schedule maker is critical to the success of every business.

But employee scheduling is about much more than mere logistics it can drive real value across your business.

In this post we will explore why employee scheduling is so important and how it can enhance the performance of your business. Before we get to that, though, let's take a closer look at exactly what employee scheduling is.

What Is Employee Scheduling?

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Employee scheduling is the process of planning and scheduling the activities of your team members. Every single business needs to think about employee scheduling even small businesses with a single team member!

We will take a look at what an effective employee schedule can help you to achieve below. First, let's look at what every effective employee schedule has in common

  • Compliant - Every employee schedule should be compliant with the law and your internal company policies. Your HR department should make sure to research and understand those and create an employee schedule that is appropriate.
  • Fair - The distribution of working hours and shifts is often very complex. You should aim to create an employee schedule that keeps everybody happy and avoids any build-up of any resentment among your team members.
  • Accessible - The best employee schedules are accessible and clear. Employee schedules should be shared in a predictable way to ensure that every single member of the team is on the same page and aware of their responsibilities.
  • Logical - Employee schedules should reflect the reality of your business, too. You should assess the ebbs and flows of demand to make sure that you manage your team and always have the appropriate level of coverage.

Why Is Employee Scheduling Important?

At a fundamental level, employee scheduling can help you to organize your team and run your business effectively. There are also a range of additional benefits that can boost your business

1. Create a sense of order
Every business needs to create a sense of order and predictability. This helps everybody to understand what the goals are, how they're going to be achieved, and what role they will play.

An accurate and pre-planned employee schedule is an important part of creating that sense of order. If you fail to properly organize your team, you might find that other areas of your business suffer from the unpredictability.

2. Improve morale
You've got to focus on employee satisfaction to get the best results from your personnel. There are lots of factors that affect the satisfaction of your team such as the workplace environment, relationships between the team, and more.

Scheduling is easily one of the most important factors affecting employee satisfaction. You should do your best to make sure your team members get the shifts that they want when they want them. Precise employee scheduling can help you to achieve this.

3. Boost transparency
Nobody wants to be left in the dark when it comes to scheduling. Your team members have their own lives and plans an accurate employee schedule shows that you care about your team and empowers them to live their own lives.

If you produce a detailed and visible employee schedule, your employees will love the additional transparency. They will appreciate being treated like collaborators and truly feel like part of the team.

4. Reduce lost working hours
Poor employee scheduling is responsible for countless lost working hours. On the one hand, scheduling conflicts and confusion lead to unscheduled conversations and debates that can affect productivity.

On the other hand, a poor employee schedule can even lead to your team members failing to show up for work. Investing in a quality employee schedule can help you to avoid those costly and disruptive moments.

5. Improve decision making
Every business decision that you make should be backed up by as much data and experience as possible. If you organize your employee schedules in a logical way, you will have a treasure trove of historical data that can guide your decisions.

Let's imagine that you find a correlation between improved sales and a particular member of your team being on shift this is the perfect opportunity to identify a star performed who can work on demanding shifts.

How to Improve Employee Scheduling

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There are some key strategies that you can use to improve your employee scheduling process. Here's a closer look at those strategies.

1. Assign responsibility
Many businesses fail to be consistent when it comes to assigning the employee scheduling task itself. This means that there is a lack of consistency in the schedules and that the task takes longer than it should do.

If possible, you should try to assign the task to the appropriate person as frequently as possible. This will guarantee consistency, reduce the amount of time it takes, and give your employees a clear point of contact.

2. Understand your team
Every member of your team has a distinct personality and set of skills you should take them into consideration as much as possible when it comes to scheduling. This can help you to meet your goals and keep your team happy.

You'll inevitably learn, for example, that your different team members have preferences when it comes to tasks and shifts. You can really get the most out of your team by deliberately scheduling their time.

3. Use the best employee schedule maker
Manually keeping track of employee scheduling using a piece of software like Excel isn't always optimal- it requires training, it often takes a lot of time, and it is not easy to publish those schedules to your team.

Using a powerful employee schedule maker is the better choice. These specialist tools that can help you to create effective employee schedules. The best employee scheduling software offers solid functionality that is complemented by a range of innovative features.

Here's a look at what Zip Schedules offers to help you unlock the full potential of employee scheduling and drive value for your business.

The Best Employee Schedule Maker

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Zip Schedules is a piece of leading employee schedule maker. We have lovingly created this tool to help managers drive value within their organizations and really own the employee scheduling process. Here is what we offer-

A mobile experience
The noticeboard is well and truly out of fashion now. It's an inefficient way to share your schedule, too, given that it can lead to confusion and misreading. It also demands that your team members come into the office to see it!

Our schedule maker offers a comfortable and cutting-edge mobile experience. This mobile app dispenses employee schedule automatically and saves time for both managers and staff alike. Here's a closer look at what our mobile app can do

  • Employees can quickly coordinate cover for shifts
  • Managers can approve schedule change requests
  • Managers can modify shifts
  • The app keeps everybody updated

Total flexibility
We understand that things can change when it comes to employee scheduling. You have to be able to respond and that's exactly what Zip Schedules offers you total flexibility. It's a breeze to use the app to make significant changes to your schedule and then communicate those changes.

You can change the shape of a shift with just a matter of clicks. Whether you need to quickly fly in more help or change who is working, you'll find that it's easier than ever before.

The days of wrestling with Excel sheets and printing out paper versions are over. This was never very effective, either, given that there was no consensus or way of knowing whether your team had their updated schedules.

Authentic connections
Managers often have to waste a lot of time making sure that all of their employees are on the same page. Some people were in the loop while others were well and truly out of it.

Zip Schedules is a schedule maker that makes it simple for managers to communicate their changes and updates. If you need a system to notify your team about upcoming events or policy changes too, this is it.

Our internal messaging system is robust and empowers managers to send new news and updates to the team at the push of a button. Nobody has to be left in the dark any longer.

Accurate labor forecasting
Labor forecasting is a phrase that all too often conjures up worry within the hearts of managers. It sounds incredibly complex and if you don't have the right tools, it's a very difficult science to master.

Zip Schedules makes it a breeze for you to become an expert, though. Our powerful schedule maker helps you to predict your business needs based on your sales and transactions. Equipped with this important information, you can schedule the right team members at the right time to boost your revenues and cut labor costs where necessary.

Faster scheduling
Employee scheduling can take a lot of time. In the past it was a manual task that not many managers enjoy and it was very easy to commit mistakes that would derail the whole exercise.

That's all in the past now, though. Zip Schedules helps managers to quickly put together effective and accurate employee schedules that drive value. The tool is intuitive to use, too, so you don't have to worry about confusion or inefficiency.

Budget tracking
Lots of businesses find it difficult to achieve profitability by measuring their budgets. It's a difficult process and you've got to have the right tools to make it a success.

Our team understands this and that's why we made it a priority to create an amazing labor budget tool. This tool calls upon historical sales and transactions to create daily forecasts. These can be used to project your staff needs and really get a good handle on your labor budget.

This tool can really help you to maximize profitability and make sure that you strike the perfect balance when it comes to your employee scheduling.

Sophisticated reporting
The more data you have, the more accurate your decision making will be. That's why we offer a wide range of sophisticated reporting tools that help you to shine a light on the reality of your scheduling activities.

At a glance, you are able to quickly assess your labor needs and check on the status of your team. This unparalleled insight helps you to make the right choices at the right time and have conviction in your decisions.

Getting Started

We hope that this post has helped you to see that employee scheduling is a great area to invest. If you find the right tools and use them properly, you will see a significant return on your investment.

Are you ready to level-up your employee schedule maker experience with Zip Schedules? Getting started and creating amazing schedules couldn't be simpler! Feel free to sign up for your free trial with Zip Schedules today.