5 Tips for Choosing the Best Weekly Employee Schedule Template


Employee scheduling software can benefit your restaurant in so many ways, but with so many products available on the market, it can be challenging to find the best option to fit your brand standards.

If you make the right selection that is most compatible with your business needs, then you will experience positives consisting of the elimination of overlaps in the schedules, prevention of time theft, and ease in payroll operations just to name a few.

If you wish to upgrade the scheduling systems in your restaurant, review these tips that will assist in helping you determine the best scheduling software for your restaurant.

One - On the Clock Staff Monitoring

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One of the top features of employee scheduling software for your restaurant is monitoring who is or is not on the clock working.

The system can check to see who is scheduled to work and if that employee did or did not show up for that designated shift.

She scheduling software is also equipped to predict when more staff will be needed to work during certain times, based on previous foot traffic.

For instance, the system should be able to alert management when a staffing need arises, so appropriate actions could be taken to correct the shortage in coverage.

Based on these special forecasting features, the software should also use the uploaded data to provide future suggestions of when more employees would be scheduled in the coming days or weeks, as well as which employee is available to work during those times.

Two - Ease of Use

You need a time and attendance solution that is easy to use. That is not to say or imply that you should go for an overly simple tool. However, all of your employees should be able to use the new scheduling software without much hassle.

To prevent any possible confusion that may arise, it is wise to organize a brief training session, so employees can learn and familiarize themselves with the new system.

If the scheduling tool has complex navigation, users will have a problem utilizing the applications, eliminating the purpose of why you invested in the software in the first place.

With an easy-to-use system, payroll processes are also improved. It will become easier to track the number of hours and days that each employee was on duty, and there will be a digital log to reference. Therefore, everyone will find it easy to initiate payments and reports.

Ultimately, the software should eliminate and reduce the number of mistakes that is typically made during the scheduling process.

Three - Mobile Capabilities

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The best scheduling software should not just offer mobile applications, but should also possess easy-to-use mobile capabilities.

This will help your restaurant employees access their schedules from anywhere at any time. For example, if an employee is currently on vacation, but wants to verify the coming week's schedule for when he/she returns, that employee should be able to log on to the app and check the schedule regardless of where in the world that employee is.

Employees want the freedom to access business applications from anywhere 24/7. Therefore, the best scheduling software should have mobile capabilities across most common devices, like iPhones, Androids, laptops, and desktop computers.

In case of an emergency, employees can also use the mobile system to alert management and ask for an upcoming day-off or request to use a sick day.

Mobile capabilities will make sure that the operations of your restaurant are running smoothly and effectively, and adapting to these upgrades will only help your business thrive.

Four - Go Beyond the Creation of Schedules

Schedule creation becomes simplified through technology. The software allows you to set a weekly employee schedule template for one week and easily carry it on and recycle it into the following week, cutting down on creation time.

Scheduling software should also go beyond the creation of work schedules. The best solution can help you create group task lists and specified shift planning assignments, along with other useful features.

You can create task lists for the whole department, groups of employees, and even individual employees. Once created, you should be able to share these lists across all mobile devices with a simple click of a button.

If there is a special in-house event, like a team meeting before the restaurant opens, you can also input it into the system.

Five - Alerts & Reminders

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The best scheduling software for a restaurant should feature alerts and reminders that are relevant to the schedule.

You should remind your employees of changes in their work schedules or new information that sporadically arise. Apart from improving the flow of work in your restaurant, this feature will make the life of your employees more comfortable, as they will always be in the know of what is going on in the restaurant.

Restaurant employees need alerts after the approval of a shift change, availability of overtime, and shift swapping for example.

When there is an upcoming shift, the system should be able to remind your employees ahead of time. The other crucial alerts include the dress code for particular events, company policies, and any open slots that are available on the schedule.


These features will help you to choose the best scheduling tool for your restaurant. These tips will make sure that you pick the right solution for your restaurant business. Your employees will also have an easy time adjusting to this new software. Do your homework well and you will not have a problem choosing the right employee scheduling software for your brand.