Top Features That Every Schedule Maker Should Possess


Managing a team is an arduous task. Sometimes, it may ben seem like you have run out of ideas on how to get your team under control. There comes a time where you will require extra help to get everything done.

This type of assistance can come in the form of a weekly software maker for employee scheduling.

The importance of this software is not to be undermined. Aside from the accommodation of many useful and practical features, the software also automates the entire process while allowing the end-users to make adjustments, if need be.

This type of scheduling software also allocates resources, plans budgets, accepts appointments, and schedules meetings.

Here is a collection of the top features that make the best automation tools/software you can apply to run your restaurant hassle-free.


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Project managers and business owners are passionate about incorporating the weekly schedule maker into their operations. The reasons behind that are not far-fetched from the automation and other excellent features it has.

First, this type of scheduling software has many features, like time and attendance tracking, forecasting recommendations, and payroll systems, all of which will save you tons in labor costs.

Other unique features include scheduling to your employees and recycling that schedule for the following weeks. It is also customizable and offers reports in intervals.

There are also editing features, allowing management to make changes to shifts in real-time.

There should also be a calendar and appointment management feature, including efficient reporting tools that track time and attendance.

Software for Smaller Businesses

The scheduling software in this regard is the perfect scheduling tool for businesses that are looking at expanding their horizons. It is recommended for many industries, including but not limited to tech companies, restaurants, law enforcement, tech companies, retail, and hotels.

The software comes with additional features like budgeting elements, which help you to determine the costs of hiring employees labor costs when scheduling employees to work at a specific time.

Scheduling software should also allow you to integrate it into existing practices. It should also be customizable, offer useful reporting, and it should accommodate as many employees and locations and you like.

The most amazing feature in employee scheduling software is the weekly input that allows you to make changes every week if need be.

Some applications can be quite steep, however, there are some great brands available that are 100 percent affordable, even for small business.

Employee Shift Swapping

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It's no news that one of the benefits of having the best weekly schedule maker technology available at your fingertips is to facilitate the shifting of schedules for your employees, which can be easily completed from your smartphone.

This type of application creates room for efficiency because your staff and workers will be more accountable for their schedule and responsible to find replacements, in case they cannot make it into a scheduled shift.

Ideally, scheduling apps in that category empowers employees to handle their schedules.


The security and confidentiality of the employees and that of the schedule are essential. If you must allow your employees to make changes to the schedule, then you must also look for a way to control their permissions over specific aspects of the schedule. Protecting employees' personal information is crucial, and the best apps will ensure a strong security system.

Time Tracking

Do you run a service-based business? Then you need the time tracking feature in your employee scheduling practices. This fantastic feature offers time tracking, which keeps employees informed of how many hours they have worked, including overtime and paid time off.

This time tracking feature also enables you to take control of your employees' working times. This will help you avoid employees working an excess of hours. This is especially important amongst minors.

Most software also comes with a mobile application that allows you to manage schedules on-the-go. That is in addition to the shift scheduling feature that will enable you to add urgent last-minute meetings to the schedule.

Thanks to the mobility and the ease of use, you can make the immediate changes and send the notifications to the employees via text message, email, or push notifications within the app.


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The role of alerts in the scheduling activities is another major feature that needs to be mandatory in any software you decide to invest in. Through the real-time updates, project managers and business owners are able to monitor the actions of their employees. This can include employees who clock in/out early or late or just do not show up for a scheduled shift.

These alerts can come in different forms. For instance, you can use the group messaging option to send notifications to as many members of staff as you would like. The group messaging option also empowers the employees to send simultaneous emails and messages.

User-Friendly Interface

The last but not the least, the weekly schedule maker should include a user-friendly interface. That is a step in the right direction, which empowers users to navigate their schedule without any hassle.

Simple integration and set-up from the software company should also be provided with your plan.

Getting the best weekly software maker helps you to automate tasks while saving yourself the headache of regular check-ins. With the software on the list, you can be confident in managing your team effectively throughout the week.