Common Restaurant Employee Scheduling Issues & How You Can Fix Them


Job dissatisfaction is a common issue in the workplace, and employees who are dissatisfied with their job will typically quit.

Scheduling issues are the most common causes of job dissatisfaction. So, what can you do to resolve it?

With the advances in technology, different tools have been developed to resolve workplace problems such as scheduling.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the scheduling issues that can be resolved with software applications the free planner.


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The productivity of your business depends on the employees. When your business is understaffed, your customers will suffer the most, since they do not have people to serve them.

An alternative way of resolving this issue is by interviewing and hiring additional team members to support your existing team.

Once you have staffed the best team possible, you can then schedule and organize all of your employees accordingly.

You can utilize scheduling software to organize your workforce. Some applications offer a wide variety of services not available with all products, which is why it is important to take your time when making the decision of which scheduling software to go with.

Unmonitored Shift Swapping

Leaving the employees to manage their own work schedules sounds good since it lifts the weight off the shoulders of management from acting as the middleman.

However, if you are not careful, this can create chaos and confusion in the workplace. Some scheduling software options and even a free planner offers employee shift swapping through features from within the application.

Scheduling software should give employees the option of swapping shifts from a common platform where each of the employees can see and access the current schedule.

This plays an important role in avoiding the chaos experienced in the workplace. It also contains a notification feature to remind all the employees about the upcoming shift.


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Overscheduling can affect your employees in many ways.

The best thing you could do is giving your employees approximately 12 hours of rest between shifts. However, this can become quite difficult to track if you are not using an automated application for employee scheduling.

Instead of spending your time to determine the number of hours that each of the employees has worked, a paid scheduling application should do all the work. The application will notify you in case of an overschedule so that you will know how to handle it.

This also makes it easier for you to carry out any appropriate changes before making preparing and publishing the timetable for daily use.

Lack of Organization

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Remaining organized should be a priority for every manager, especially in the restaurant industry.

However, when tending to a list of responsibilities and duties in a fast-paced market, organization can be an issue of concern. So, what can you do to remain organized when it comes to employee scheduling?

The solution is scheduling software.

Employee scheduling software makes it easier to automate the scheduling process, freeing up more time for you to take care of the other needs in the restaurant.

High Employee Turnover

Reducing employee turnover within your business organization is possible if you know how to work with your employees.

You can do the best to ensure that the employees are always engaged and satisfied with their job. You can accomplish this by following each employee's availability and schedule accordingly.

By using scheduling software, you will be able to maintain a consistent work schedule that meets all the needs of the employees. This will play an important role in reducing the employee turnover rate and improving the work performance within the business organization.

High Labor Costs

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Tracking the labor budgets within your business is important and it can help you to stay on track. As a manager, you are always looking for the best way of utilizing the business resources in the most efficient way possible.

Utilizing scheduling software that is equipped with a number of tracking and forecasting tools for your business is very beneficial because it can forecast your busier and slower days. In doing so, you are not mistakenly scheduling too many or too little employee, which ultimately negatively affects labor costs.

You can make scheduling decisions more easily by looking at the forecasting data and any available trends. You can easily meet your labor budgets and business goals by utilizing this scheduling application.

In Closing

Stay connected.

Keeping your employees informed about any developments within your business organization is crucial. The best way of carrying out this is by using the appropriate communication tools. You can use these tools to carry out any business-related communication.

The best scheduling software contains communication tools that can be used to inform the employees about any event that is taking place, whether it be an upcoming shift or a team meeting.

The employees within the organization will get notified in case of changes to the schedule are made via push notifications. This is great because it allows you to maintain close contact between you and your employees.

Restaurant employee management is an easier task if you are equipped with the appropriate tools. Most of the common scheduling software offers a free planner app or other relevant features that can be used in running your business.

These features will eliminate any scheduling issues and aide in resolving other areas of conflict that can sometimes arise in the restaurant industry, which will be better for your business in the long-run.