The Most Valuable Free Resources for Schedule Creation


Business owners are constantly looking for a means to simplify their daily tasks. There's no doubt that a solution to employee schedule creation would help a great deal in reducing the time dedicated to this task.

Your time could be better spent increasing revenue, improving customer service, and delegating tasks would help in the productivity of your staff, but instead, your time is dedicated to weekly scheduling and confirming employee shifts.

Some business owners from various niches such as restaurateurs are looking for the best free schedule maker to automate these essential employee scheduling tasks. Some of the top software companies offer a trial period so you can experiment with their applications to ensure it's a great fit for you and your business.

Experiment with such tools before purchasing is not too far-fetched. In addition, there are even various resources available that could simplify how you have been creating your weekly employee schedules.

There's never a better time to start improving your scheduling practices than today. Therefore, take advantage of our collection of free resources to align with your employee scheduling systems.

Pen & Paper

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The brick and mortar format of using pen and paper is still very much accepted in some markets. This option can work for business owners that are working on a budget and are smaller in staff-size.

This format entails having the physical log of employees and logging in real-time when they start and end every shift.

The primary downside to this is that it takes up a lot of time and the odds of accuracy are not great, with errors likely to occur.

Word Processing Software

The advent of technology came with many prospects. Interestingly, word processing software like Microsoft Word is a step above from pen and paper.

Now, you can create the schedule from your personal computer or laptop. You then have the option of either emailing your completed schedule to your employees or printing it and posting it in a common area in your restaurant.

The problem with the word processing software is that you have to continuously create schedules on a weekly basis that is not always conducive to the needs of your employees.

With this option, you also can't guarantee that your employees did, in fact, see your posted or e-mailed schedule.


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Microsoft came up with innovative Spreadsheet software, like Excel. Similar to word processing software, this option allows you to create the schedule from your PC or laptop.

The upside here is that you can take advantage of the dedicated boxes to facilitate the creation of the schedule. It is also very organized in appearance.

Although the rows and columns are there to make the movement and alteration of tasks flexible, spreadsheets still suffer from the distribution problem.

Often, business owners find it hard to choose the right distribution channel. Nonetheless, you may decide to print it out and post, send via mail or hand it out to your employees.

Online Software

With the invention of scheduling software, the employee schedule creation process is more seamless and effortless.

With this option, you can create and distribute the schedules through the web. It's exciting to note that this comes in different forms, such as cloud-based programs.

The beauty of the online software variation is that you are able to create and distribute the schedule online.

The distribution factor gives online software an edge over the other options because you can create the program via the designated platform. After, you would then save it on the cloud, which you can easily send to all employees.

Key Points to Look for in a Free Schedule Maker

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When testing out an employee scheduling program during a trial period, make sure you are able to experiment with

Although the software, it should have some optimum scheduling features. Ideally, the task of scheduling is hinged on it. So, you should ensure that the schedule maker does most of the work with little human inputs at intervals.

What would be the essence of having a software schedule maker when it doesn't perform the desired function? Real-time alerts should be one of the key points to consider when choosing one. It might interest you to know that the alerts do not only keep your employees/workers at their toes but also keep you updated about their activities.

Automation is one of the most substantial bases of a schedule maker. The reduction of human inputs does not only remove the errors that come with making the schedule but also makes it easy for every party using the software to get duty assignations without hassles.

While considering the automotive tendencies of the software, more concentration should also be extended to the User Interface (UI) of the schedule maker. In that instance, you're looking at selecting one that makes it easier for people to navigate the software.

Similar to user-friendliness, the software should also be efficient. The ability herein refers to the array of features on the free schedule maker that allows users to complete their work on time.

Focus On Your Brand
Above all, you have to select a free schedule maker that is focused on your brand. The focus herein refers to the applicability of the software to your business. Ideally, you must select one that has varieties of features, which would expand your brand's operations.

Although it's free, the software allows you to automate many of your tasks without hassles. That is not leaving out the flexibility and customizability that comes with them.

So, if you're ready to get started, then the list of the free schedule maker above would help you choose the best software for your business.