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Michelle is a California girl who loves to explore interesting and new things to do. She’s been to Europe, been to every theme park in Southern California and is always looking for the next thrill. She uses her experiences to craft her writing into interesting topics.

What to Look for in Time Management Apps & Tools

With the growing number of time management apps, establishing which is the most helpful can be challenging. Here are some tips to keep an eye on when shopping for the best apps on the market.
what to look for in time management apps tools

How to Effectively Manage Shift Working Employees

Learn how to take all the necessary precautions to protect you and your employees when taking on working shifts.
how to effectively manage shift working employees

Shift Work Schedules- Determining the Best Option

Implementing one of these popular shift work schedules will protect your employees' health and well-being and help cut down on employee absences.
shift work schedules determining the best option

Employment Agency vs. Staffing Agency- Which is Best for Your Company?

When it comes to staffing your business, which is better full-time or temporary employment? Here is everything you need to know and how agencies can assist.
employment agency vs staffing agency which is best for your company

10 Ways to Help Employees Combat Working Night Shifts

Switching to night shifts can have several negative side effects if employees aren't careful. Share these 10 tips with your employees to help them adapt to their new schedule.
10 ways to help employees combat working night shifts