Why Every Restaurant Needs a Team Management App

What is a Team Management App?

Team management software is both a task and project management staple for small business and restaurant owners. The best management app and management software program host one place to track project and task progress. In fact, team management software already helps small business owners and project management professionals around the world.

According to studies, 31% of businesses report most or all work is accomplished by teams. With more remote teams and team work needs than ever before, a great management app is a must have. Team management apps and project management software are especially valuable for small business and restaurant owners managing multiple locations.

Team members also directly benefit from access to the best team management app and software programs. Management solution tools can incorporate everything from real time team communication updates to automatic due dates for recurring tasks assigned. Cloud based easy use features include management tool favorites ranging from Kanban boards to Gannt charts displayed digitally. Ultimately, the best team management app will benefit both individual team members and project management professionals.

Benefits of a Team Management App

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The best team management app and management software benefit both team members and project management professionals. From time management to team communication processes, a great management app is versatile. Key benefits that team management software supply include-

1. Accountability

Any project manager or management team professional can attest to the role of accountability in team work processes. Team management software fosters team member accountability in various ways. A team management app will track tasks team members have completed, are currently working on, and upcoming tasks. The best team management app can even keep track of recurring tasks automatically!

Due dates are clearly stated so that team members can better tackle personal time management and keep track of tasks. With everything in one place updated in real time speed, a management team and team members are set to succeed. Another way that the best task management and project management tools foster accountability is through feedback. While feedback is crucial to team member development, statistics reflect a significant lack of feedback supplied.

2. Collaboration

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71% of team members report wasting time each week due to unnecessary meetings. The best team management apps and management software updates in real time to supply team members with only crucial information. From file sharing to project progress updates, the best team management apps are a team collaboration must have. A great collaboration tool can make endless social media and email communications a thing of the past. Easy use features include social media like team collaboration tools with real time cloud based mobile app accessibility.

3. Visibility

The best team management solution optimizes team member visibility. A project manager or small business owner cannot expect a team member with limited visibility to succeed. Team members that can view important information in one place and in real time are more likely to succeed. Project managers and small business owners can even enforce restrictions per user for third party information requests. The ability to limit third party access and increase team member visibility is a management system must have.

Features to Look Out for in a Team Management App

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The best team management apps can offer everything from time tracking to team collaboration features. Of course, different management apps and management software features include variances. However, certain management features considered most ideal for keeping team members on track time and resource wise include-

1. Project Views

There are various project view options that a project manager should consider implementing. Gantt charts are a task management tool that displays individual task start and end dates. A Kanban board is a project management tool that uses cards and columns to manage tasks and workflows. A calendar view supplies one place to view upcoming tasks per month or day or week. Different team members work better with different project views supplied. While a Gantt chart or Kanban board may be best for some team members, others may prefer calendar views.

2. Resource Management

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Proper planning and management of resources are essential for project accomplishment. Great resource management ranges from human resources to time management processes. Team management apps and management software can show a project manager which team members are under or overworked. Additionally, real time updates help keep time management processes under control.

3. Easy Use Capabilities

Team members will likely have different levels of technical expertise. While some team members may have project management apps or project management tool experience, others will not. The best management solution supplies easy use accessibility for all team members.

How to Become a Better Team Manager with a Team Management App

Even the best task management apps and team management apps are useless without great team members. Outstanding team members necessitate an outstanding team manager on staff. Best practice tips to best manage team members include-

1. Respect

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The best team management professionals in the restaurant business understand that employees are crucial to the resource management process. However, human resources are not like other resource management components. Human resources are as their name clarifies, human beings, that must be treated with respect.

Both on site and remote teams require respect from their team management professionals. The same applies to small business employees and those that work at larger corporations. When team members do not feel respected by their management team they are unlikely to feel respect towards them. Respected team members are more loyal and perform better than team members who feel disrespected.

A highly effective restaurant manager is one that respects team members as individuals. Experts warn that respecting team members should not include picking favorites. When team management professionals pick favorites, management team rapport can quickly diminish.

2. Preparation

Team members look to the project manager and team management professionals for guidance. A management team should make sure to keep team members directed towards success. Proper preparation ranges from careful execution of everything from task management to time tracking processes.

Team management preparation can be performed on paper or with a management software program. For example, a Gantt chart or Kanban board can be drawn onto paper or a whiteboard. Alternatively, a digital Kanban board and Gantt chart are offered on many of the best team management apps. Management software and management apps are typically preferred due to their easy use real time capabilities.

3. Organization

Similar to preparation, a great task management or project management professional needs excellent organizational skills. There are both infrequent and recurring tasks that team management professionals must handle. Recurring tasks include work management duties like time management processes. Infrequent tasks could include collaborating with a local project manager for seasonal social media promotions.

Top Team Management Apps for Restaurants 2021

There are various team management apps and management software options available. These management apps and management software programs offer different features. Thankfully, there are the best team management apps and software available including-

1. ZipSchedules

ZipSchedules is the best team management software and management tools option for restaurants in 2021! Team members are more accountable when outfitted with a cloud based mobile app that supplies real time easy use accessibility. As a result, ZipSchedules boosts employee productivity and minimizes employee absenteeism.

ZipSchedules is the best team management tool option for restaurant owners with multiple locations to keep track of. ZipSchedules makes it easy to manage projects and manage tasks on the go. Labor tracking and forecasting team management tools make sure time tracking and resource management are both easy and smart.

With ZipSchedules, front of house and back of house team members can collaborate in one place instead of multiple platforms. The ZipSchedules collaboration platform also allows team members and management team professionals to work together optimally. As a result, ZipSchedule team management software tools save small business owners and project management professionals both time and money.

2. 7Shifts

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7Shifts hosts cloud based mobile app accessibility and desktop team management software programs. 7Shifts is an easy use management app that a quarter million restaurant team members already use. Unfortunately, 7Shifts's easy use capabilities may come at a price for small business owners and large restaurant project management professionals. 7Shifts may not supply the same advanced management features that the best team management apps do. Ultimately, ZipSchedules is the best online collaboration software option due to its advanced management features offered.

3. OpenTable

Team members use management solution options like OpenTable as team communication and management tools. OpenTable reports real time shift revenue and supplies entire team communication updates. With OpenTable, small business owners and project management professionals can track tasks and team members in real time and individually. However, the best online team management software that ZipSchedules offers is even more extensive.

4. HotSchedules

HotSchedules is an online team management software selection regularly cited in best team management tool lists. HotSchedules makes everything from project management to time management more pragmatic. Like ZipSchedules, HotSchedules allows team members to access real time team management updates. However, ZipSchedules is a more comprehensive best team management app choice for small business owners and project management professionals alike.

5. Google

Google is typically included in best team management software discussions. The Google Suite includes team management tools like Google Drive for everything from project management to team collaboration processes. Google Drive offers a free version and per month per user storage upgrade option.

Many of the best team management software providers offer free user benefits or the ability to try free trials. Ultimately, a free user trial offered should not determine which team management software is utilized for an entire restaurant operation. Paid plans like ZipSchedules often save more money and time in the long term compared to free project management tools.

Conclusion for Team Management App

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  • A great team management app helps businesses to boost productivity and bottom line profitability.
  • Although there are many options available, the best team management app for 2021 is ZipSchedules!