5 Ways Managing a Restaurant is Made Easier with a Team Scheduling App

5 Ways a Team Scheduling App Makes Managing Restaurants Easier

Especially in the bustling restaurant industry, team scheduling is complicated. There are so many factors to consider during employee scheduling processes. Common employee scheduling considerations range from labor cost to shift swapping protocol.

There are various scheduling apps and scheduling software available to help business owners and employees. Team members appreciate the ability to swap shifts and check the work schedule utilizing a mobile app on their phones. Throughout an employee shift the scheduling app can even assist team communication needs.

An easy use schedule app with real time accessibility is a scheduling tool well worth investment. The best employee scheduling tools both streamline and simplify the scheduling process overall. Significant ways that a team scheduling app makes managing restaurants easier include-

1. Productivity

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Productivity and engagement are boosted with great employee scheduling software and scheduling apps installed. Outstanding scheduling features help employees keep track of their own time and maximize productive work produced. A major component of employee productivity is work life balance which a scheduling tool promotes.

Real time mobile app accessibility lets employees view staff scheduling from their mobile device. Employee time is saved when all important work schedule information is in a single location instead of multiple places. Employees can request time off via mobile app and track employee vacation time available. An employee appreciates work schedule control, the ability to volunteer for open shifts or swap shifts makes easy productivity fuel.

2. Time

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A busy business owner is more productive with the right scheduling software available. The scheduling process can be time consuming, especially in the restaurant industry. In fact, restaurant managers can spend 4 hours each week scheduling staff via pen and paper. Business owners creating work schedules manually and sending shift reminders via email are wasting valuable time.

Business owners can create schedule templates for multiple locations with online scheduling software. Features like auto scheduling reminders and schedule templates can signifcantly decrease time spent. As a result, restaurant business owners can focus their energy and time on more pressing tasks. Time saved can be applied to everything from customer support to team communication building activities.

Employee scheduling software also decreases errors which can require a lot of time to fix. Even the best employee schedule may need revisions from time to time, especially for businesses that create work schedules manually. A scheduling tool with state of the art scheduling features available significantly decreases the burden.

3. Labor Cost

The labor cost of a restaurant business accounts for a full third of operating costs. As such, a restaurant business needs to carefully consider its labor cost during all employee scheduling processes. A work schedule app helps restaurants to decrease their labor costs without sacrificing efficiency. In fact, efficiency is improved through scheduling apps and scheduling software programs. Labor cost savings paired with higher efficiency translates into boosted bottom line profitability.

4. Retention

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Both team communication and employee scheduling directly influence retention rates. In fact, 62% of employees cite lack of communication as their primary motivation to leave a job. Team members do not appreciate last minute changes in their schedules or a scheduling process that lacks good communication. Costs associated with recruiting, onboarding, and training employees are steep. High employee turnover rates are altogether a recipe for disaster.

Employee scheduling software decreases turnover and increases employee retention rates. Real time easy use mobile apps make it easy for employees to execute shift swapping and request time off. Team members notice the extra effort that business owners put into making the work schedule with consideration. Not only do team members notice but they very much appreciate it. Happy team members lead to higher retention, a recipe for success!

5. Communication

Team communication is foundational for large and small businesses alike. The best employee on staff is likely a great communicator. Likewise, the best business owners are generally excellent communicators. Ultimately, the most successful of large and small businesses make consistent efforts to improve their team communication in the workplace. As such, investing in and implementing a scheduling tool that optimizes team communication should be a top business priority.

A cloud based scheduling app is an excellent solution to team communication issues. Communicating via email or through various mobile apps can quickly become disorganized. Alternatively, an employee scheduling app offers a real time easy use communication solution.

Key Takeaways for Team Scheduling App

  • Both large and small businesses benefit from great team scheduling tools.
  • Benefits of team scheduling tools range from optimized communication to labor cost savings.

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