Main Pro's and Con's of an Employee Punch Clock

Pro's and Con's of an Employee Punch Clock

An employee punch clock is a well known time recorder tool and employee time system fixture. The punch clocks time by applying a document stamp to a time card to record employee hours worked. Clock systems are an integral part of employee time tracking and payroll system processes. From a heavy duty punch clock to a sleek biometric time clock, there are many time clock options available. Time clocks influence the day to day life of people working in large and small businesses across the country. In fact, punch clocks have been used by United States large and small businesses for well over a century!

Clock systems have embedded themselves into culture, even making their way into United States slang. For example, the phrase punching the clock, which denotes the physical presence of an employee in the workplace. The phrase represents employee hours spent at a job that does not necessitate emotional engagement. However, the notion that clocks time employee hours at a meaningless job is not the only narrative. There are both pros and cons of an employee punch card for employees and employers.

Disadvantages of an Employee Punch Clock

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Employee punch time clocks disadvantage employers and employees in certain ways. A disadvantage of punch clock systems for employees is their influence on work environment. Time clocks that require employees to punch time in and out can imply a lack of trust. Some employees feel that if their employers trusted them, they wouldn't need a time recorder device. Requiring that an employee clocks time in and out including breaks often leads to employees feeling distrusted and undervalued.

Interestingly, this particular employee time clock disadvantage is felt differently in small businesses as opposed to larger corporations. At a large corporation, individual employee hours are more difficult to track. However, small businesses see employees each day and a time recorder device can create an uncomfortable work environment. For this reason, many small businesses have ditched time clocks altogether in support of a more trusting work environment.

Employers experience their own employee time punch clock system disadvantages. Large and small business owners alike are increasingly understanding how employee time and productivity are linked. Of course, employee time and productivity directly influence bottom line profitability of small businesses and large corporations.

Understanding that employees work best at different times and with different schedules challenges established time clock systems. As the business culture moves away from the traditional 9-5 workweek, employee work productivity is a hot topic. Savvy business owners are recognizing that the best time for employees to work is not universally an 8 hour shift. Ultimately, businesses are realizing that the time clock system can actually be a disadvantage to worker productivity.

Advantages of an Employee Punch Clock

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There are noteworthy advantages that a time clock system offers employers and employees. Perhaps the most obvious advantage of time clocks for employees is the time recorder aspect. The ability to self track time and employee hours is beneficial for some workers. When a staff member clocks time in and out, they have a better estimate of their upcoming pay period check. An employee punch clock also influences free time at the office. For example, when an employee clocks time out for their lunch break, employers will know not to bother them.

Time clock system advantages for employers include more accurate employee time tracking and payroll system results. A great time clock system decreases the liklehood of large or small businesses spending money unnecessarily on labor costs. The date stamp applied to an employee time card can be used as proof of business time compliance.

The advantages clock systems offer heavily depends on the technology utilized. Knowing the difference between different clock systems offered helps employees and employers maximize benefits. There are various cloud based and online time clock solutions for large and small businesses to choose from.

A biometric time clock has advanced technology built in to decrease buddy punching and increase easy use capabilities. Biometric time clock systems decrease buddy punching through fingerprint identification. With a cloud based biometric time clock, employees clock in and out without needing a mobile time clock app. A mobile time clock is useless if employees leave their phone at home or it runs out of battery. Alternatively, a biometric time clock is an easy use application that only requires an employee fingerprint. Biometric time tools are clearly advantageous to employers, as a buddy punch is impossible to perform.

Key Takeaways for Employee Punch Clock

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  • An employee punch clock offers both advantages and disadvantages to employees and employers.
  • Advantages and disadvantages are largely influenced by the specific time clock technology utilized.

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