Top 3 Employee Time Clock Benefits

Top Benefits of an Employee Time Clock

An employee time clock benefits both large and small business owners in the restaurant industry. Time clocks are tools that allow businesses to see employee time spent at the workplace. The information that time clocks supply influences everything from employee scheduling to time tracking processes.

Employee time clocks are well established workplace fixtures. However, time clocks have changed a lot over the years due to increased technology. From the heavy duty punch clock to the more modern biometric time clock, there are numerous systems available. Respectively, these different time clocks also offer various different benefits to both business owners and employees. 3 top benefits of utilizing a time clock include-

1. Accountability

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Business owners should not assume that every employee time tool protects against time theft equally. For example, time cards do not supply the security that biometric time clocks do. While time cards record clock ins and outs, they are especially susceptible to time theft issues. Additionally, a pyramid time clock that is a punch clock could be accessed by another employee. As such, tools like time cards and a punch clock may not accurately track employee time spent at work.

Restaurant business owners and employees should both have knowledge about time theft in the workplace. The most prevalent employee time theft type is buddy punching. A buddy punch occurs when employee clock ins or outs are submitted by a different employee. Although a singular buddy punch may not go noticed in pay period calculations, a buddy punch problem is incredibly expensive.

Recognizing how much damage that the buddy punch phenomenon creates, employee accountability should be boosted whenever possible. Considering the prominence of time theft issues in the restaurant industry, accountability is crucial. Promoting accountability is much easier with the proper employee time tools in place. Employees that know management has access to the same real time employee time data are more likely to be accountable.

Great employee time tools are the restaurant business's first line of defense against the buddy punch problem. In fact, various digital time tools are designed with the buddy punch and other time theft issues in mind. Employee time tools like biometric time clocks are specifically designed to eliminate the opportunity for a buddy punch to occur. A biometric time clock uses a biometric fingerprint or facial recognition to register clock ins and outs. Online time clock and mobile app software can even track employee location. With GPS location functionality, business owners can rest assured that their employees are where they are supposed to be.

2. Employee Satisfaction

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Anyone that has received incorrect compensation at the end of a pay period can attest to how frustrating it is. Pay period errors can be especially frustrating when they happen repeatedly to the same employees. Unfortunately, pay period compensation errors are more common than people may think. With the proper time and attendance systems in place, human resources departments are less likely to commit pay period errors. As a direct result, employee satisfaction rates are increased with less dissatisfaction felt towards pay period mishaps. There are also additional employee satisfaction benefits that attendance systems and time clock systems offer.

Both online time clock and digital time clock technology have massively transformed over the years. Likewise, employee satisfaction benefits supplied by these tools have also transformed. The best digital employee time tools offer cloud based mobile app compatibility. Employees appreciate the ability to view their own information in real time through an easy use mobile app program. Employees are more satisfied and empowered with real time employee time data available without the need for human resources consulted.

3. Employee Productivity

Studies are increasingly highlighting the relationship between employee time and productivity levels. Large and small business owners alike are realizing that employee productivity is a worthwhile investment and top priority. Employee productivity levels directly impact the bottom line profitability of restaurant businesses. Business owners and employees alike are harnessing the power of employee time tools for boosting workplace productivity.

Business owners often assume that more employee work hours translate into higher employee productivity levels. However, there is actually much more to employee productivity than simply the number of work hours performed. Both business owners and employees are turning to employee time tools to tackle workplace productivity issues. Excellent employee time tools often increase employee productivity levels. These tools allow employees to see in real time both hours worked and track time spent on specific tasks.

Key Takeaways for Employee Time Clock

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  • Employee time clocks are amazing restaurant business tools that supply various benefits.
  • As technology advances, so do the benefits of employee time tools for the restaurant industry.

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