3 Simple Team Management Tools and Techniques

3 Team Management Tools

Team management is the ability of an organization or person to coordinate groups in order to perform a task. Team management also often refers to activities among team members necessary to get work completed. Proper team management is critical for both task management and project management processes. Successful organizations recognize the importance of team management for overall business productivity and profitability. Larger corporations often employ multiple team management specialists including project manager positions. Smaller businesses may assign a management team leader as necessitated.

There are many techniques and tools involved in team management processes. Techniques range from the ability to keep track of due dates and prioritize tasks in real time. Additionally, project managers need to assign tasks fairly in order to avoid team members being overworked or underutilized. Then there is the need to track time and make sure team members get done with work accordingly. Complex projects can add additional responsibilities which can easily make it overwhelming for project managers to keep everyone on track.

Thankfully, there are many team management software and team management tool options available. Team management software key features range from real time status updates to cloud based file sharing capabilities. Additionally, the best project management software and management tools for one business may not be the same for another.

For example, businesses that regularly undertake complex projects may require diverse project views. For that business, management features like web based Kanban boards and Gantt charts can be supplied. Alternatively, less complex projects may require calendar view and posit a Gantt chart or Kanban board as unnecessary. Third party team management software providers may offer a free plan or paid plans with different payment options. While unlimited users may be desirable for one company, another may prefer per user or per month charges.

Ultimately, the best management features are subjective. However, even the most effective team management software and management tools are useless if not properly utilized. As such, it is essential for project managers to find a balance between technique and tools. 3 team management tools and techniques that every project manager should know include-

1. Team Building

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Not every team has access to the best team members possible. However, every team can use techniques and tools to be the best team they can be. The best task management and project management necessitates team building. Team building activities directly support enhanced team communication skills. Additionally, team building activities can enhance everything from project planning to time tracking skills.

There are many different team building opportunities that a project manager or team management professional can supply. With more remote teams than at any time before, new ideas for team building are rapidly developing. In fact, remote teams are revolutionizing team building activities already. Team building activities can range from remote teams virtually playing games to in person socials at a third party location.

Studies show most effective team building activities occur outside of the workplace. As such, team management professionals should make sure to examine third party locations for team building opportunities. A project manager should also make sure to request feedback on team building activity ideas. Feedback helps make sure every team member is excited and engaged. Additionally, team member feedback after events can be directly applied to optimize future events planned.

2. Development

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Team management is a great opportunity for career development not only for a project manager but also team members. Project managers develop everything from time tracking to team communication management skills. Skills are practiced whenever a project manager assigns tasks with due dates or navigates use cases with project management software.

Career development opportunities are presented via team management in various ways. Team collaboration and team commnication skills are pretty much applicable to any career. Resource management such as time tracking and remote work management are also widely applicable. The best project management professionals make sure to present every team collaboration as a career development opportunity. The best team members are those that will view team projects as opportunities to develop and enhance skillsets. Ultimately, team management supplies career development opportunities to all team members involved.

3. Team Communication

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Team management and team collaboration directly impact the employee experience. In fact, research demonstrates that communication skills are vital to the employee experience overall. Unfortunately, team communication skills are not always weighed when employee experience issues arise. A negative employee experience carries significant business implications ranging from high turnover to decreased engagement. As such, team communication skills are crucial both among team members and management professionals.

Positive employee experience depends on the ability of team management professionals to recognize unique team member skills, expertise, and experiences. The best team is one where unique skills are recognized and readily utilized. This opportunity for improved employee experience obviously requires team collaboration events. Sadly, studies show 39% of team members believe people in their organization do not collaborate enough. Additionally, 33% of millennials report that they desire collaborative workplaces!

Key Takeaways for Team Management Tools

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  • Effective team management is crucial for both business success and bottom line profitability.
  • Important elements of team management range from team building to career development opportunities.

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