The Benefits of Time Clock Software for Restaurants

Top Benefits of Using Time Clock Software in Restaurants

The restaurant business is well known for its hustle and bustle atmosphere. Anyone that has worked in the restaurant business can confirm how hectic the industry is. Both a small business and a large chain job site have many of the same responsibilities.

With so much going on, tasks like tracking time and employee scheduling are even more difficult. Thankfully, there are various tools available to help large corporations and small business professionals with restaurant business operations. In fact, a large or small business can save 3-5% when they run payroll with time clock software implementation!

Time and attendance software are part of any great employee time tools package. Time clock software offers both small businesses and large corporation restaurant business professionals many benefits. There are many different time clock technology types available, from biometric to cloud based mobile apps. Significant benefits of time clock software for restaurant business professionals include-

1. Higher Productivity

A time clock helps restaurant business employees as well as the overall business to be more productive. Manually tracking time can ironically waste a lot of employee time that could otherwise be better spent. Manual time tracking not only wastes employee time individually but also human resource employee time during review and processing.

When employees use clock software they are also able to gain a better understanding of their own productivity levels. A cloud based time tracking application and clock software can be utilized by employees themselves for self monitoring. It is likely that at one time of the day an employee is more productive than another time.

Software time clock applications can supply insight on the best time for employees to work. As such, time clock and tracking software can be applied for scheduling time processes. For example, a clock system could indicate the best time for an employee to work based on their productivity rates. Time clock and tracking software data can then be applied during scheduling time for maximum productivity.

2. Accessibility

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Both paid and free time clock software must offer excellent accessibility. Without accessibility, a small business or large corporation will not fully benefit from any paid or free time software. Of course, accessibility means different things to different people. Small businesses and large corporations should define what accessibility means to them before implementing paid or free time tools.

For a remote small business employee, accessibility might be defined as a cloud based time clock mobile app provided. A large corporation employee that visits various job sites per month may prefer mobile apps that supply GPS tracking capabilities. For employees that run payroll or use payroll software regularly, time clock software compatibility may be highly desired. Restaurant business professionals that deal with employee scheduling may value mobile apps with timesheet templates or scheduling time tips.

If a small business or large company needs to work with various accessibility requests, customer support is a great resource. A paid or free time management software provider should have customer support available via phone or real time chat. The best time management software providers offer a multiple day free trial. A multiple day free trial is a great opportunity for employees to try out features and test mobile app accessibility. If a multiple day free trial is not listed, businesses can contact customer support to request to try free software.

3. Accountability

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Higher employee time accountability directly translates into higher productivity and bottom line business profitability. The best time clock and time tracking software encourage employee time accountability. An easy use web based mobile app is a great tool for job site situated or on the go workers. The best time clock app even offers GPS location capabilities. A GPS location clock app shows employers where employees use time clock and time tracking software.

A time tracking tool like a time card is great but may not fulfill insight other clock software would. A time card shows clock ins and outs but may not actually track time and hours worked by an employee. Additionally, a traditional time card is susceptible to the most common employee time theft.

The most common employee time theft is the buddy punching phenomenon. Buddy punching happens when employee clock ins or outs are submitted by another employee. A buddy punch is not to be taken lightly by restaurant business employers. Although a one time buddy punch may not seem like a huge problem, buddy punching adds up.

Key Takeaways for Time Clock Software

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  • There are excellent paid and free time clock software tools available for restaurant business professionals.
  • Benefits of time clock software include increased productivity, accountability, and accessibility.