7 Clear Reasons to Use Attendance Tracking Software

7 Benefits of Using Attendance Tracking Software

Accurate attendance tracking is critical in the business world, particularly in the restaurant industry. With swing shifts, fixed shifts, and rotation schedules, it's complicated to keep track of hours. Furthermore, small and large businesses employ remote teams who can't always send in timesheets or call in sick.

To track attendance accurately and streamline scheduling, businesses need a web-based tracking system. So, how exactly does an automated attendance tracker work?

While time attendance software varies, most solutions have similar features. Each system digitizes the entire time tracking process from first punch-in to end-of-day clock-out. Team members use a cloud-based mobile app or their desktop to input hours. Because management has access to the system, they can easily approve time-off requests or monitor overtime. This helps to streamline payroll processes and improve the accuracy of payments.

Read ahead for the top benefits of using attendance tracking software.

1. Attendance Tracking Software Improves Payroll Process

Traditional time tracking platforms require businesses to collect and verify timesheets and punch cards. Management has to first approve them, then send the information to the payroll department. This process is ripe for human error and time theft. Much of it depends on the honor system, which is mostly impractical in today's world.

Self-service tracking software enables team members to clock in and out themselves. Management approves all hours worked, and any discrepancies show up immediately. Time tracking software can integrate with payroll software to maintain compliance with FLSA and ensure payments are accurate. This saves the business money and minimizes the HR department's workload.

2. Attendance Tracking Software Mitigates Tax and Benefit Problems

Non-compliance is a serious threat for restaurants and small businesses. With high penalties, potential litigation, and a ruined reputation at stake, it behooves business owners to follow regulations.

Management software in conjunction with payroll software improves time tracking and minimizes errors in tax paperwork. Benefits automatically correlate to the number of hours a team member works. This ensures businesses give their employees the required incentives and minimizes the workload for those in Human Resources.

3. Attendance Tracking Software Mitigates Lawsuits

No employer wants to go to court to fight a lawsuit. With more employees filing suit against owners than ever before, it's critical to mitigate litigation.

Attendance software collects all employee data and stores it in one secure location. In case of a lawsuit, regulators and lawyers can easily access it in the form of an audit trail. This provides proof of hours worked and benefits paid that is indisputable. Attendance tracking software also ensures payroll and benefits are accurate, which mitigates the likelihood that an employee will sue.

4. Attendance Tracking Software Eliminates Time Theft

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While only a small number of employees have engaged in buddy punching, almost 22% of workers have stolen company time. This typically occurs through early clock-ins, late clock-outs, and adding time to a timesheet. Other workers don't clock out for breaks. These discrepancies add up over time and cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars a year.

Time attendance software eliminates time theft with the use of biometrics. Biometrics uses a human trait such as a fingerprint or part of the face to verify one's identity. This makes it impossible to buddy punch and improves the accuracy of payroll. Moreover, real-time alerts are sent when an employee doesn't clock out for a break or approaches overtime. This will save thousands of dollars per month, hold employees accountable, and decrease the HR workload.

5. Attendance Tracking Software Integrates with Mobile Devices

With the rise of smartphone use and remote work, time tracking must be digitized. Employees need to be able to track working hours from any location, at any time.

Through a mobile app and cloud-based solutions, all areas of management can review employee hours and see work history. This optimizes workforce management and holds everyone accountable for their time. It also eliminates the barriers that require workers to come in every day to the office and clock in. Businesses can now hire people across the country and not worry about how to track their hours or manage employee scheduling.

6. Attendance Tracking Software Helps Save Paper

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Software helps implement environmental initiatives and save room at the office. Instead of storing a truckload of paperwork in file cabinets, all labor-related data is easily accessible in the Cloud. With less paperwork, businesses won't need to worry about missing timesheets or disorganized employee documents. It also enables management to print out reports and analyze historical data.

7. Attendance Tracking Software Improves Employee Morale

Workers like to have autonomy over their schedules and work hours. It's frustrating to contact HR once a week to discuss benefits or resolve a timecard issue. It also creates more work for management.

With time attendance tracking software, employees can easily clock in and out from any location. They can review benefits, input requests, and swap shifts with a coworker. Management immediately sees any requests and can quickly approve or deny them. This streamlines the entire scheduling and time tracking process from start to finish, which improves employee morale.

Key Takeaways of Attendance Tracking Software

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In conclusion, here is what to know about attendance tracking software -

  • A time clock solution streamlines the payroll process and mitigates tax and benefit problems. This will help maintain compliance and eliminate many meticulous HR tasks.
  • An attendance system prevents lawsuits by storing data in one secure location. It also improves the accuracy of payroll, which further mitigates lawsuits. A tracking app will reduce employee time theft through biometrics.
  • Employee scheduling software enables team members to clock in on mobile apps. They can also review schedules, request time off, and swap shifts.
  • The best time attendance platform reduces the need for paper and saves space/money on storage. It also gives employees autonomy over their schedules and time, which increases morale.