A Buyer's Guide for Restaurant Kitchen Supplies

A Complete Restaurant Kitchen Supplies Checklist

A commercial kitchen requires a lot of restaurant equipment in order to function effectively. Both customer service and food safety adherence rely on the equipment commercial kitchens have available. From cooking equipment to food preparation supplies, even experienced food service workers may overlook certain items. As such, it is valuable for all food service employees to gain an understanding of common commercial kitchen equipment types.

Storage Equipment

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Proper food storage that maintains both food safety and quality necessitates excellent storage equipment investments. Storage containers and equipment commercial kitchens utilize optimize food safety and customer service capabilities. Shelving is great for cooking equipment or baking supplies storage.

Everything from stainless steel food pans to cutting boards for food prep commonly lines commercial kitchen shelves. Additionally, installing shelving fixtures for bar supplies or an ice cream counter can increase customer service through faster speeds. Shelves come in many different sizes and materials, making them an ideal option for customer service and food storage improvements.

Food storage containers are food service staples used for a wide variety of activities. For example, food storage containers are often used during food preparation techniques. Prepared contents from food processors or ice cream makers can easily be transferred and held in food storage containers. Utility and business carts are another unique food storage option that supplies mobility. Bar supplies can often be found being pushed by food service workers on utility and bussing carts. Heavy duty equipment stands are specialized stainless steel work tables that restaurant equipment is held on.

Cooking Equipment

Out of all the equipment commercial kitchens purchase, cooking equipment is often the most heavily utilized. As such, food service workers must identify which cooking equipment will be used most often. Cooking equipment used frequently warrants a heavier investment than restaurant equipment that is not used as often. Improper cooking equipment can quickly become a customer service nightmare, especially if food safety issues occur. To ensure both food safety and customer service quality, purchasing excellent cooking equipment is a restaurant kitchen top priority.

Essential cooking equipment items commonly include deep fryers, griddles, ovens, microwaves, toasters, ranges, grills, and broilers. Holding equipment is a food storage staple that is also classified as cooking equipment. Holding equipment storage containers sustain a certain temperature in order to maintain both food safety and quality.

Refrigerator Equipment

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Cold food storage is essential for both food safety and quality maintenance. From ice machines to stainless steel freezers, there are many types of refrigeration equipment available. Even a simple refrigerator has a significant range of options including walk in coolers and food prep station fridges. Similarly, freezers come in various styles and shapes.

Bar supplies like beverage dispensers can cross over into the refrigerator equipment category. Beverage dispensers are also common fixtures in many food service establishments. Ice machines help keep beverages cold at food service businesses and can also fall under the bar supplies umbrella. For example, an ice machine can be used with other bar supplies to create blended cocktails.

Food Preparation Equipment

Food preparation restaurant equipment is largely dependent on specific commercial kitchen needs. However, there are some food preparation pieces that are more commonly found in restaurant kitchen spaces. For example, food prep essentials like food processors and prep tables are standard commercial kitchen fixtures. Food processors are versatile restaurant equipment pieces that decrease food prep times significantly. Food processors are prevalent among bar supplies and baking supplies as well.

Stainless steel work tables are often used for food prep purposes. The stainless steel surfaces of work tables ease food safety concerns and are easier for food service workers to clean. For prep tables utilized heavily for food prep needs, nearby trash cans are practical instillations.

Cleaning Equipment

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Great cleaning equipment is essential for both proper customer service and food safety adherence. 3 compartment sinks are used for restaurant equipment cleaning and sanitizing. Compartment sinks are generally outfitted with both commercial faucets and grease traps. Compartment sinks help commercial kitchen food service workers follow health codes and food safety protocol.

Food service sanitizers and chemicals help keep kitchen supplies clean while maintaining food safety adherence. Commercial kitchen cleaning supplies whether used on cutting boards or stainless steel prep tables must always be food safety compatible. Trash cans and recycling bins should be strategically placed throughout both the commercial kitchen and wider establishment.

Key Takeaways for Restaurant Kitchen Supplies

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  • Investing in proper restaurant kitchen supplies is crucial for both food safety and customer service capabilities.
  • Restaurant kitchen supply categories include storage, refrigerator, cooking, cleaning, and food preparation equipment.