How to Make an Employee Roster Template in Excel

What an Employee Roster Template Is

Employee rosters are another way to refer to an employee schedule or rota. Alternatively, a staff roster or shift roster may be the terminology used. There is some important differentiation to note such as that a shift roster may not apply to all businesses. A shift roster is used for businesses that need a work schedule that accounts for different shifts. As such, businesses working traditional work schedule hours of 9-5 may not have a need for shift schedule templates. Regardless of what an employee schedule is called, knowing how to create roster templates is important.

There are different staff roster types that businesses should be aware of. The 3 most popular staff roster types are duty, flexible, and staggered. A staggered shift roster is a great option for businesses that experience heavier traffic during specific parts of the workday. A flexible staff roster is a good choice for the traditional work schedule of 9-5. A duty shift roster is used to avoid duplicative employee scheduling and tasks performed throughout shifts. Templates Excel supplies can be used to create roster templates per specific business needs.

How to Make an Employee Roster Template

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Before a business goes to create roster templates, there are various important considerations. An Excel template for a staff roster should start with the busiest day. Busier shifts should be filled by the most skillful and experienced staff members.

A shift roster or staff roster should be supplied to employees allowing sufficient time for review and necessary changes. When a work schedule is provided to staff well in advance, employees can better prepare for upcoming shifts. An employee schedule provided too late can result in staff being unable to make a shift. Over time a lack of proper employee scheduling can even motivate staff members to quit.

An Excel download is one way to get a work schedule to employees faster than manual employee schedule distribution. A templates download allows staff to print their employee schedule when supplied access by management. Templates Excel offers can create roster templates for a business by using the following steps-

1. Obtain a free Excel program via Microsoft Office Excel download online.
2. Launch the free Excel program from an electronic device.
2. Select the File tab option and select New from the dropdown menu.
3. From Templates select the Schedules option.
4. Open the Business Schedules file.
5. Select a suitable roster template for business and employee needs.
6. Enter employee names in the far left column. If there are additional rows left over, the right click button can be selected to delete rows. If more cells are needed, the right click button can be selected to insert rows. This process can be applied anywhere to add or delete both rows and columns.
7. Copy and paste the employee name row for each day of the week the shift roster or staff roster spans.
8. Substitute auto text with business information and mark each employee shift with an X.
9. After fully customizing the templates Excel originally provided, select the Save As option from the File drop down menu. Name the shift roster or staff roster remembering to include relevant dates.

Why an Employee Roster Template Is Important

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For human resources or management professionals, employee scheduling can be time consuming and complicated. In fact, managers are estimated to spend over a half day each week on employee scheduling processes. Before the creation of a roster template and employee scheduling software, employee scheduling was performed manually. Without the proper tools to help with shift roster or staff roster creation, manual errors are commonplace. Unnecessary labor costs and labor violation fines are common consequences of employee scheduling errors.

Understanding how much a staff roster influences business operations highlights its importance. Overstaffing and understaffing negatively affect both the customer and employee experience. Overstaffing can result in too much free employee time, creating unmotivated staff members. Understaffing can result in decreased customer service and employee burnout.

Key Takeaways for Employee Roster Template

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  • An employee roster template is another phrase used for an employee schedule or rota template.
  • There are various free employee roster template options available including through Microsoft Office Excel.