11 Proven Ways to Improve Workplace Productivity

11 Ways to Drastically Improve Workplace Productivity

Consistently improving productivity in the workplace is essential for business profitability and long term success. Especially within the context of the ever increasing competitive global marketplace, improving workplace productivity consistently must stay a top priority.

In fact, research shows that actively disengaged team members cost $483 to $605 billion in lost work productivity each year in the United States alone. As such, a high productivity workplace is one thing that every business owner should strive to obtain and maintain.

Thankfully, a business owner and management professionals can increase productivity through best practice techniques. 11 powerful tips to improve productivity in the workplace include-

1. Remote Work Opportunities

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Research shows remote employees work more productively. To improve productivity every day and save money, remote work is one thing every business owner should consider and implement.

Not only do remote employees improve workplace productivity levels, but they also boast higher employee engagement levels and less absenteeism. Companies are largely realizing the benefit of remote employment opportunities and as a result, there has been a 103% growth in remote work over the last decade.

2. Less Social Media Monitoring

Although it may seem counterproductive, it is best to give employees access to social media platforms while they are at the workplace. Social media is used for a wide variety of beneficial reasons, from supplying a much needed break or creating team building opportunities between employees on staff.

In fact, research shows that social media power users have higher productivity levels and are better multitaskers. Whether at a small company or large corporation, a business owner should let employees use social media in the workplace.

3. Providing Perks

Beyond granting employees not only excellent salaries and extensive benefits a business owner should also provide consistent perks. Unique perks that a business owner might give employees can range from book stipends to complimentary gym memberships.

When providing perks, a business owner must make sure not to forget about remote workers on staff!

4. Supplying Tools

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A critical productivity tip is for management to make sure that every day all team members have the tools they need to perform their role. Without affording adequate tools, it is nonsensical for businesses to maintain a high productivity workplace or improve productivity levels.

From time tracking to project management software, there are virtually endless technologically advanced programs for business owners to invest in. Supplying the proper tools will help employees perform a job well done and decrease time spent on tasks, helping to increase employee productivity in a meaningful and sustainable way.

5. Recruitment Tactics

A great technique to boost employee productivity is to hire the right team members. Management and human resources must make sure that a new hire is a great cultural fit and willing to always strive towards a job well done.

Recruiting the best team members is an effective way to boost productivity and employee engagement levels. Management will spend less time acclimating team members to their new work environment and company culture while overall team productivity will be positively influenced.

6. Training Techniques

No matter how great of fit a new hire is, management and business owners must give employees proper training. Training should include both simple skills that will be utilized every day in addition to more intensive skill sets.

Training for tasks that employees undertake every day might include customer service and social media interaction demonstrations. Additionally, team members should be trained proficiently for any applicable technological tools and programs including project management and time management software.

7. Avoid Micromanagement

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One thing that a business owner should never do is micromanage. Although it may seem nonsensical, research shows that less management yields better results.

When employees feel that their business owner and management trust them, they are more likely to produce high quality work. When workers experience micromanagement, employees feel uncomfortable and less productive.

Instead of micromanaging, a business owner should give employees autonomy and encouragement for a job well done.

8. Communicate Clearly

Research shows that team members spend about 80% of workplace conversations discussing past issues. That leaves 15% of the discussion focused on current happenings and a mere 5% discussing future opportunities and solutions.

How can a business owner expect to increase productivity while hyper focusing on past mistakes? In order to increase employee productivity in a meaningful way, team members should consciously spend less time focusing on past mistakes and increase time spent discussing future opportunities.

9. Work Life Balance

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A healthy work life balance and self care are absolutely vital to improving productivity in the workplace. Management should give employees opportunities to decrease stress every day.

Efforts to improve productivity might include a business owner offering fully remote work or sponsoring work time self care opportunities. Remember, when employees feel better every day they are more likely to perform a job well done.

10. Measuring Productivity

Both individual employee productivity and team productivity are notoriously difficult to measure. However, there are many different productivity measurement techniques available for a business owner to utilize.

Keep in mind the business best practice phrase that what gets measured gets managed.

11. Increase Morale

An effective way to boost productivity is by increasing employee morale. When employees feel happy they have higher employee engagement levels and are more likely to perform a job well done every day.

Through utilizing the above mentioned productivity tip types, business owners may find that increasing productivity is easier than ever before.

Key Takeaways

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  • There are various methods and techniques available to help any company increase productivity in the workplace.
  • To improve employee productivity, a business owner could introduce remote work opportunities or decrease social media monitoring.

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