Top Tips for Team Collaboration in Restaurants

3 Tips for Team Collaboration in Your Restaurant

Any team member working towards a common goal can attest to the fact that communication and collaboration are important. In the business setting, teams collaborate often on everything from task management to project management processes. Especially for the hustle and bustle of the restaurant industry, team collaboration and team communication are crucial. Best practice tips for restaurant team collaboration include-

1. Hosting Social Events

Team building is no easy task but it is an important building block of team communication and collaboration. Excellent within team communication is dependent on team members feeling comfortable expressing themselves openly. Of course, restaurants should not expect team members to become best friends or communicate like family members. However, it is not uncommon for restaurant team members to create long term bonds that persist after within team collaboration. Without the opportunity to socialize with one another, long term bonds are unlikely to form.

Team members may not get to know one another more personally when they are participating in formal workplace collaboration processes. Many restaurants realize this when they attempt to host compulsory team building events. Unfortunately, a lot of traditional mandatory team building activities end up not actually helping to improve team collaboration. In many cases, mandatory team building attempts actually inhibit the ability of team members to work together well. Studies suggest that to improve team communication and team collaboration most effectively, more organic team building opportunities are ideal. An example of an informal restaurant team building activity is providing the entire team free lunch.

Some restaurants go above and beyond to make sure that their informal team building events and activities are creative. A restaurant with a larger budget might supply team members with a free plan for a local rock climbing class. Not only is a free plan to a rock climbing class memorable, but it supplies a collaboration skills opportunity. A rock climbing free plan subscription would likely foster problem solving and time tracking in unique ways. Ultimately, businesses should make sure any team building activity is low pressure and enjoyable to improve team dynamics optimally.

2. Designating Roles

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It is nearly impossible for team members to work together effectively without clear roles designated. Unclear roles can lead to a host of team collaboration issues ranging from within team conflict to task management problems. To avoid this, restaurants should make sure the entire team understands their individual role and responsibilities. Additionally, team members should know the role and responsibilities of other team members involved. When each team member knows their role and the roles of others it is much easier to work together effectively.

Clearly designated roles foster within team accountability and transparency. Transparency helps teams work together towards a common goal successfully. Accountable and transparent teams also are a cornerstone of a company culture rooted in trust. Documented materials are crucial to promote a company culture of trust. Restaurants should make sure that roles and responsibilities are detailed in handbooks and posted in the back of house. Written materials that the entire team can easily reference in real time avoids costly conflict or confusion.

3. Implementing Communication Tools

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Team communication is often a hot topic in conversations where collaboration skills are discussed. Efforts to improve team collaboration should always consider team communication challenges. One common team communication challenge occurs when employees are provided collaboration tools that are not appropriate.

Great team collaboration software and collaboration tools make a significant difference in efforts to improve team communication. Team collaboration tools range host everything from file sharing to video conferencing capabilities. A great collaboration tool and collaboration software program should be a top priority for restaurants looking to improve team collaboration.

Efforts to improve team collaboration must also make sure to focus on management software supplied more broadly. Everything from time tracking to task management specific software can influence team collaboration capabilities. The ability for individual team members to work most effectively influences their ability to work together most effectively. As such, all management software programs that team members use are important to consider.

Key Takeaways for Team Collaboration

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  • Team collaboration and team communication are necessary for restaurant business success.
  • Team collaboration best practice tips range from hosting events to implementing excellent team communication tools.