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An Overview of Team Collaboration Software

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Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

Understanding Team Collaboration Software

Restaurants and small businesses across the globe utilize team collaboration software and team collaboration tools. Team collaboration software is specifically designed to help team members work together towards a common objective. Interestingly, collaboration software is not a new invention. In fact, collaboration software has steadily evolved over the past several decades. Previously referred to as groupware or social software, collaboration software is now commonly utilized within restaurants and small businesses.

As team collaboration software has evolved, much of the focus has shifted to online collaboration software and tools. Previously, Kanban boards and Gantt chart tools were limited to whiteboards or other physical surfaces. Now, many offline collaboration tools have evolved into online collaboration tools. For example, many of the best online collaboration tools include Gantt charts and Kanban boards in digital formats. Online collaboration software and collaboration tools range from video conferencing mobile apps to instant messaging on social media platforms. Team collaboration software is crucial for everything from project management to time tracking processes.

Pros of Team Collaboration Software

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Debatably the most significant benefit of team collaboration software is the ability for employees to get work done more optimally. The best collaboration software allows team members to view real time and in one place exactly what is going on. Team members can see upcoming, in progress, and completed tasks instead of needing to contact other team members individually. As such, the best online team collaboration software is a task management must have.

The connectivity that the best online collaboration software and collaboration tools supply cannot be underestimated. Transparency between different department team members is a worthwhile capability. The best online collaboration tools link team members from departments ranging from customer support to the software team seamlessly. Cross departmental collaboration capabilities helps teams to work together most intelligently. As such, the best collaboration software and team collaboration tools decrease silos. The connectivity and transparency that team collaboration tools supply are truly invaluable.

There are both individual and team benefits offered by the best online collaboration tools. For example, individual team members will likely have higher employee engagement levels. Additionally, the ability for team members to get work done most effectively boosts productivity for the entire business. With the best team collaboration software and tools in place, everything from customer support to bottom line profitability is optimized.

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Cons of Team Collaboration Software

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Even the best online collaboration tools or best project management software can pose challenges for a restaurant or small business. A significant downside to online collaboration tools is the lack of face to face contact. Cues ranging from body language to tone may not translate through communication tools like instant messaging or social media platforms. However, fully remote teams and team members already adjusted to remote work may not be as affected. Thankfully, team collaboration software and team collaboration tools already recognize this potential consequence.

The best team collaboration software and tools even made sure that their features include more personable communication channels. For example, great collaboration solution features include video conferencing mobile apps with screen sharing capabilities. Video conferencing and screen sharing function emulates inperson office collaboration processes.

Another significant challenge commonly experienced by restaurants and small businesses is collaboration solution implementation. Everyone from project managers to software team members must recognize technology is more challenging for some team members than others. To address this, small businesses and restaurants must sufficiently train team members on any collaboration tool or collaboration software implemented. Supplying team members with opportunities for feedback helps teams better buy into online collaboration software. Additionally, the best project management and online collaboration tools should already account for varying technological skills with easy use software.

If a small business or restaurant is worried about team members using communication tools, there are options available. Most third party software companies offer a free version trial or free plan options. For example, cloud based Google Calendar and Google Drive allow teams some free plan options. Various social media platforms also host web based instant messaging and video conferencing free plan options. A free plan option or free version trial helps teams to decide on the best online tools for their business.

Ultimately, no matter how great a management tool or collaboration software program is, there is a human component. For example, a project manager should be well versed in how to assign tasks fairly. If a project manager fails to assign tasks fairly or hold team members accountable, project management efforts will obviously suffer. As such, the best online tools also necessitate team collaboration and project management best practices practiced.

Key Takeaways for Team Collaboration Software

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  • Team collaboration software is an excellent tool for small businesses and restaurants.
  • Benefits the best team collaboration software offer range from team members that work together better to increased bottom line profitability.

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