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Why Every Restaurant Needs Collaboration Tools

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Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

What are Collaboration Tools?

Small businesses and restaurant industry businesses around the world utilize collaboration tools. Collaboration tools describe any items used to enable business communication. Examples of collaboration tools range from a cloud based file sharing mobile app to social media platforms.

Collaboration tools are most likely already all over a typical restaurant business or small business setting. In fact, everything from a whiteboard to a Gantt chart written on it is considered a collaboration tool. As such, many team members are actually referring to online collaboration tools when they talk about collaboration tools.

The best online collaboration tool for one business may not necessarily be the same best collaboration tool for another. In order to invest in and implement the best collaboration tools, businesses must evaluate their specific needs and wants. Thankfully, there are free version trials and free plan trials offered for many of the best online collaboration tools available.

Importance of Collaboration Tools

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There is an abundance of research available that outlines the importance of collaboration tools for business success. Businesses that encourage team members to work together are proven to be more productive. Great collaboration tools have a significant impact on everything from project management to bottom line profitability.

Excellent communication is crucial for both remote teams and in office team members regardless of their industry. Unfortunately, many team members believe that their management does not disseminate information effectively or efficiently. To address this, the best collaboration tools offer one place for important communications. The best online collaboration tools update conversations in real time and are user friendly to maximize accessibility. Real time communications hosted in one place allows team members to work together most effectively.

The restaurant industry should consider collaboration tools particularly important. Restaurant industry businesses are well aware of the sky high turnover rates within their industry. Between 2015-2017, the restaurant employee turnover rate hit nearly 82%. Some industry experts estimate this figure exceeds 100% in certain sectors of the restaurant industry such as fast foods. Thankfully, the best team collaboration tools combat excessively high employee turnover rates. Restaurant industry businesses that have already implemented online collaboration tools can attest to their success.

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Benefits of Collaboration Tools

There are various noteworthy benefits that the best online collaboration tools offer. Of course, there are different benefits experienced by small and large businesses. However, there are universal significant benefits that collaboration tools typically offer including-

1. Timeliness

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Real time easy use capabilities are offered by the best collaboration tools. Even the best project management or task management plans can go off track. To accommodate changes, a collaboration platform must provide real time easy use accessibility.

From file sharing to time tracking tasks, real time data is essential for office and remote teams working together effectively. Real time updates avoid staff members working based on outdated information or repeating duplicative tasks. As a result of real time accessibility, both team collaboration and workflows are streamlined.

2. Visibility

The best online collaboration tools supply team members with excellent visibility. With increased visibility comes increased team member accountability. Team collaboration tools allow teams to see in one place which tasks are upcoming, underway, and completed. It is essential that a tool allows excellent visibility for all team members involved.

Collaboration tools help team members understand exactly what their role is and what their tasks are. For example, team members log onto Google Drive or Google Docs to work together with real time easy use capabilities. Alternatively, a designated project management tool mobile app can display task timelines. Understandably, these collaboration features are task management and project management must haves.

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3. Synergy

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Without the ability to work together efficiently, team collaboration efforts will fail. A team member is just one gear in a larger, well oiled machine. As such, a main objective of any collaboration platform is hosting one place for team members to work together easily.

Especially with remote teams becoming more popular, synergy is essential for project management and team collaboration in general. A centralized online collaboration platform may offer different synergy promoting features. Synergy promoting collaboration features range from cloud based file sharing to screen sharing capabilities. Social media features like instant messaging and video conferencing even further optimize communication. Investing in and implementing these collaboration features are worthwhile for both remote teams and hybrid teams.

Types of Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools help team members that work together in one place and remote teams stationed all across the world. With more remote teams than ever before, team collaboration tools are incredibly important. One best component of collaboration tools is that there are so many different options to choose from. Some of the best online collaboration tools include-

1. Social Media

Social media usage is a fixture of everyday contemporary life. Unsurprisingly, collaboration tools have adjusted to support social media user friendly features. Social media online collaboration tools on collaboration platforms boast promising study results.

Enterprise collaboration social networks is the category of collaboration software designed with social media components for business utilization. Enterprise collaboration social networks integrate with other management tools like file sharing applications. However, there are also many project management and instant messaging collaboration software tools available.

2. Instant Messaging

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Features like instant messaging are popular online collaboration tools. One best instant messaging feature is mobile app compatibility. With a mobile app and desktop software, remote teams use instant messaging to work together in real time most efficiently. The best online instant messaging features even include the ability to create different channels for specific teams. Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams are two popular collaboration platform choices that host instant messaging capabilities.

3. Project Management

Project collaboration and project management are buzzwords often heard in team collaboration discussions. Project management refers to team members establishing workflows and satisfying objectives with consideration to time or resource constraints. Alternatively, project collaboration focuses on how team members work together on projects. Project management tools are specifically designed for project collaboration efforts. The best online collaboration tools address the needs of both project collaboration and project management processes.

The best online project management tools help team members with everything from time tracking to file sharing capabilities. Some collaboration tool features include the best online versions of Gantt charts and Kanban boards. A great online collaboration tool can host one place for all project management needs.

How to Improve Team Collaboration

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Even with the best online collaboration tools available, team communication still necessitates hard work. In other words, the best online collaboration tools are useless without team communication best practices implemented. Best practices and tips for improving teamwork in the restaurant and business workplace include-

1. Rewarding Exceptional Teamwork

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There is a significant mistake that is all too common in the restaurant industry and business world. That mistake is not recognizing nor rewarding exceptional team collaboration appropriately. Too often, businesses focus on what they need to improve to the detriment of recognizing outstanding work. A failure to recognize or reward exceptional teamwork is a sure recipe for disaster. Team collaboration capabilities and even the individual performance of team members may be negatively impacted by this failure.

So, how can businesses reward exception teamwork in order to promote even more optimal team collaboration in the future? One best way to show team members appreciation is through financial incentives. Financial incentives can range from bonuses to gift cards. If a business is unable to provide financial incentives, other options may be explored. For example, granting team members an extra free day off or verbal formal recognition during a team meeting. Rewarding great teamwork is an investment that pays dividends for future team collaboration efforts.

2. Developing Relationships

A restaurant or small business must recognize that there are more relationships than between team members that matter. An important relationship to monitor for team collaboration and project management is the relationship between team members and management. Managers make a significant difference in creating the best collaboration possible.

Managers also can completely devastate project collaboration or task management efforts. In fact, 42% of UK employees report they have left a job due to bad management. In order to avoid becoming a part of these statistics, management should be open to feedback and avoid micromanagement.

3. Hosting Informal Social Events

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The best online collaboration tools are amazing for formal business purposes ranging from project management to time tracking processes. However, collaboration platforms ranging from Google Hangouts to Microsoft Teams are also great for hosting informal social events. Informal group events are an excellent opportunity for team building and free day socials.

One best practice tip for informal team building opportunities is hosting a free day or nighttime social. One place a free day or nighttime meal can occur is even within a restaurant business itself! Hosting a free day or nighttime meal onsite is one best option to control team building associated costs. Instead of patronizing a third party establishment, team members are provided a first hand customer experience at their restaurant business. As such, hosting a free day or nighttime meal per month should be a top team building consideration.

Conclusion for Collaboration Tools

  • Every restaurant business and small business needs collaboration tools to optimize performance.
  • Collaboration tools range from screen sharing video conferencing apps to social media platforms.
  • Benefits the best collaboration tools offer include increased synergy and bottom line profitability.
  • Best practices for improving team collaboration includes rewarding exceptional teamwork and hosting informal social events.

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