6 Productivity Tips/Hacks for the Workplace

6 Better Productivity Tips/Hacks

Workplace productivity is a hot topic in the business world and for a good reason. Studies show a shocking 85% of employees are not engaged at work. This lack of employee engagement comes with a hefty price tag, an estimated $7 trillion in lost productivity costs!

Encouraging employees to become productive is easier with life hack tips. As businesses improve productivity levels it is less challenging for staff members to stay focused and get work done. From their start date to their retirement, properly utilized productivity hacks help employees make sure that every day in the office is well spent. 6 better productivity hacks and tips include-

1. Pomodoro Technique

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The Pomodoro Technique is commonly considered a best productivity hacks option. People using the Pomodoro Technique will work in twenty five minute intervals followed by five minute breaks. People often discover that they spend time optimally and get work done more quickly when working in shorter intervals.

The Pomodoro Technique can also help people avoid spending too much time on any given important task and make time for self care breaks. As ideal as it is to work better and faster, self care and free time are both essential for productivity. If self care and free time are neglected, people burn out and become much less productive.

2. Eat the Frog

Eat the frog is a clever life hack created by Brian Tracy. The productivity hack has a very peculiar name but the actual concept itself is very simple. Eating the frog means getting things done first thing in the morning by prioritizing the most important task every day right away.

Tracy recognizes that some people are not morning people. If someone can work better later on in the day, they can still eat the frog. The main objective of the eat the frog method is to help get the most important tasks per day done.

3. Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is a great way to boost productivity and help get work done. This method categorizes tasks according to their importance and urgency. Once important tasks are classified the person can work their way down the list.

Both the eat the frog and Eisenhower Matrix can be difficult for people who struggle to start with the most important task on their list. If that is the case, people can make a list of easier tasks to get done that can be completed in only a few minutes. For example, employees can check email notifications or get some much needed self care from cleaning up their desk space.

4. Don't Do List

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The don't do list life hack is a great way to help people keep focused and get more work done. A don't do list is comprised of the unproductive actions that stop people from getting things done. For example, some people check email and social media notifications much too often while at the workplace. For those people, a note to not check email or social media notifications may be the first thing on their list. Alternatively, an employee could check email and social media notifications in their own free time instead of at work.

5. Schedule Everything

Especially for people with time management issues, the schedule everything technique can be a great way to help improve productivity. The schedule everything technique requires every important task scheduled for a specific time and date. Using this technique helps make sure there is enough time allotted per day to get important tasks completed. Additionally, scheduling everything can help people stay focused on an important task until the next time slot and important task scheduled.

6. Two Minute Rule

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The two minute rule is a great way to make sure too much time is not being spent on any one task. Essentially the rule states that if any task can be completed in a two minute time frame or less it should be done immediately. When people spend time writing down too many tasks per day they may find their ability to stay focused compromised.

The two minute rule makes it less likely that a to do list will be overwhelming. A prominent criticism of the two minute rule is that too much time can be spent to get things done that are low priority. Decision making and time management skills can help people to find a balance between getting larger important tasks and smaller two minute rule tasks completed.

Productivity Tips/Hacks- Key Takeaways

  • Many people could benefit from productivity tips and life hacks in both their professional and personal lives.
  • Tips and hacks to increase productivity range from the Pomodoro Technique to the Eisenhower Matrix.