10 Clear Advantages to Using a Web Based Time Clock

Why You Should Use a Web Based Time Clock

Web based time clocks are cloud based time applications that allow employees access from specific locations. Employees can use an online time clock from authorized locations in order to clock in and clock out of shifts, projects, or jobs.

A web based time clock is a helpful tool for small business and large company owners alike. Previously, business owners and employees had to rely on manual time card punches and laborious manual time tracking techniques.

When employees punch a time card into a time clock manually, there are many potential issues. The buddy punch phenomenon and misplaced time cards are just two examples of why businesses should retire the need for time card punches and switch to web based time clock solutions.

10 significant advantages of utilizing a web based time clock solution include-

1. Honesty

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Time theft is a serious issue for employers that claims an estimated 20 cents of every dollar a business earns. Unfortunately, every business is susceptible to time theft and the financial consequences that accompany it.

Examples of employee time theft range from a buddy punch to a team member sleeping on the job. Buddy punching is the most prominent cause of time theft for businesses that have hourly employees on staff.

Biometric time clocks are an excellent solution to buddy punching. A biometric time solution uses a fingerprint or even face recognition in order to verify hours worked by an employee.

2. Productivity

Manual time tracking including the need to clock time on a punch card can actually result in unnecessary labor costs and lost productivity. A web based time clock solution avoids this, allowing employees to stay focused on their work.

Web based time clock software and time tracking software can result in long term massive labor costs savings. Previously complicated tasks including time sheet entries and scheduling time off are able to be completed with less time and effort expended.

As a result of investing in and implementing tracking software and a great time clock solution, the entire business is more productive and happier.

3. Payroll

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Instead of having to use an employee time sheet or time card to run payroll processes, time tracking software carries all necessary information. Not only will this result in reduced human error but also decreased labor hours wasted.

Employee hours are recorded in real time and able to be sent to either the house payroll department or a third party payroll processing provider.

4. Management

When management can easily track hours worked by every employee, the entire office runs more smoothly. Instead of tracking employee hours manually, time tracking and time clock software does so automatically.

Workforce management and employee scheduling are also positively influenced by the installation of a clock solution in the workplace.

5. Transparency

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An online time clock helps increase transparency. When management professionals and team members alike can view employee time information, there is less potential for miscommunications.

The ability to access mobile time apps in real time allows management to track employee time from virtually anywhere. As a result, management can quickly address any time attendance issues.

6. Schedules

The responsibility to manage employee schedules is even more complicated for employees with shifting job site locations. A web based time clock allows employees to clock in or out from wherever they are working from with mobile app capabilities.

As a result, both employee scheduling and attendance tracking are positively influenced.

7. Reports

Previously, creating reports required cooperation from various departments. With centralized software programs, management can generate real time reports effortlessly.

Additionally, reports generated are less likely to contain human error or conflicting information, as all data is coming from a centralized software source instead of from separate departments.

8. Morale

All too often, business owners will expect hourly employees to work overtime without proper compensation. This expectation, whether spoken or implied, will undoubtedly result in burnout and low employee morale.

With time tracking software in place, employees can rest assured that they are being compensated appropriately according to their hours worked.

9. Safety

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The implementation of a biometric time clock improves workplace security. Instead of a password or keycard, a person's face or fingers serve as their access keys.

Biometric time clock solutions including face recognition and fingerprints avoid buddy punching, a common time theft culprit.

10. Accountability

Employee accountability is essential for a successful workplace. Time tracking software and tools like biometric time clocks boost employee accountability significantly.

When employees know they are personally responsible for hours worked they are more accountable and productive.

Key Takeaways

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  • Using a time clock online is a great option to assist with time tracking and time attendance processes in the workplace.
  • Benefits of utilizing a web based time clock include increased employee accountability and productivity.

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