Quick Tips to Track Employee Time in Excel

Using Excel to Track Employee Time

Many businesses use free Excel employee time tracking functions. In fact, an Excel timesheet can even transfer information directly to business accounting programs such as Intuit Quickbooks.

A free Excel timesheet template may appear like a great option for businesses that are not yet ready to invest or implement more advanced time tracking software programs. Steps to use an Excel timesheet include-

1. Use the Excel View tab and select the Freeze Panes option. From the drag drop menu, select Freeze Top Row in order to hold a row throughout scrolling.

2. Designate column headings with categories including lunch breaks and overtime pay when applicable. Conclude column headings by listing daily hours worked and weekly hours worked last.

3. Select the preferable date format for tracking time by clicking column A header and selecting all cells. Once all cells are selected, launch the dialog box at the bottom of the Number group and click the Date item.

4. Select header for column B and then Shift click the header of the previous time tracker column and select the Time dialogue box from the Number group. Then apply the format listed as 1-30 PM in order to display employee hours with daypart indicators.

5. Click the daily time total column and Shift click to weekly total hours in order to select all column cells. Then, click the Number dialog, choose the Custom item, and enter in the Type field- [h]-mm. Doing so allows employee hours to exceed beyond 24 hours and produces an accurate weekly total hours worked.

6. Select daily hours time tracker cell and enter an equal sign to enter a formula, click end of day clock out cell to add location to formula with a - sign. Then, click the clock in cell, select Enter, and complete the formula in order to automatically subtract clock out and clock in times. Make sure to note that lunch breaks require additional calculations performed.

7. Click weekly timesheet hours worked row and type =SUM. Click daily time tracker and drag down until hitting cell in row 6 and make sure to enter a closing parenthesis to finish the formula.

8. Click and drag the first row 2 cell through the weekly timesheet total in row 6 and position the cursor over the lower right corner of the last cell. As the cursor becomes a black plus symbol, drag until row 261 is hit in order to establish a year of rows.

9. Double click the Excel timesheet title table and label it. Then, enter the first employee name to start keeping track of employee hours worked.

10. Finally, select the intersection of employee timesheet numbered rows and lettered column headers to select all data. Then, Copy to the clipboard and select plus sign next to the current time sheet in order to insert a new time sheet template.

Although the process is time consuming, some employers prefer to track employee total hours worked using Excel. However, the savviest business owners are aware that there is an alternative time tracking options available that provide easy use and make sure tracking time is as simple as possible.

The Importance of Software for Tracking Time

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Especially after they use Excel over a long period of time, many employers are ecstatic to discover specialized time tracking software. Instead of having to deal with the columns and rows of free Excel time sheets, a more comprehensive and easy use option is available through time tracking software.

Employee time tracker software easily displays hours worked in real time and can record a wide range of data effortlessly. From overtime hours to lunch hours recorded, employers can use time tracking software to make sure there are no issues in compensation or invoicing.

For example, hourly rates and billable hours are easy to distinguish between with time tracking software, leading to fewer billing and payroll discrepancies. These discrepancies can not only cost a company a lot of money over time but also result in incalculable damages to a business reputation.

Employers may be tempted to download free timesheet template programs like Excel to save money. However, the employee time wasted and overtime pay incurred due to the countless hours that team members spend to enter time and calculate total pay can actually end up costing companies much more money in the long run.

Key Takeaways

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  • There are many time tracker options available to employers including tracking any employee hours overtime to regular hours on the clock.
  • Although free Excel templates may be an option, the time spent maintaining the timesheet may cost more money than investing in time tracking software in the long term.

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