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Top Benefits of Restaurant Reservation Software

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Restaurant Reservation Software

The restaurant industry is evolving each day, as technology trends and customer demands shift. To stay ahead of the competition, eateries need to monitor and adapt to these changes. One of which is online booking, in which customers can arrange a reservation at a restaurant ahead of time. According to a report from 2017, 36% of respondents stated that online reservations were the most important technology feature for restaurants. With a restaurant reservation software system, guests can conveniently plan their visits and owners can ensure operational efficiency.

What is Restaurant Reservation Software?

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Restaurant reservation solutions allow guests to book a table and order menu items in advance. Typically, they can do so on the restaurant's website or through a mobile app. An online booking system is more common for full-service establishments, in which customers can sit down and be served at a table. Eatery operators and owners can purchase a reservation system through a software provider via subscription. Many programs also come with added features, such as table management and point-of-sale (POS) integration.

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Clear Reasons to Buy Restaurant Reservation Software

Guests enjoy the transparency of restaurant reservation systems because it provides them the convenience to book according to their preference and schedule. In a report from 2015, 85% of diners want to know how long the wait for a table would be. Additionally, 83% prefer to be on the waitlist before they arrived at the restaurant. With a restaurant booking solution, they can have full visibility of these factors. The following are other key advantages to an online restaurant reservation system.

1. Efficiently Manage the Restaurant

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An online reservation system will boost management efficiency. For example, since guests book directly online, restaurant hosts can focus on incoming diners without being interrupted by phone calls. Staff can also send notifications or texts to guests to update them about their reservations and wait times. This will save the employees' time from having to call and wait for customers to pick up their phones.

Additionally, restaurants can minimize events of overbooking and double booking with reservation systems. These solutions are intuitive and will collect all reservations made on mobile devices, desktops, and calls in one interface. And if a guest cancels their reservation, the system will automatically re-add the time slot for other customers. This enables staff to see in real-time which tables are open and at what times.

2. Properly Schedule Restaurant Staff

Reservation systems will give restaurant managers insight as to how many customers they should anticipate for each hour. They can then use this information and schedule the optimal amount of back-of-house and front-of-house staff to work. This ensures that employees will not be stressed and overworked during their shift. It will also help restaurant owners cut down on labor costs. Furthermore, guests will be properly served, which will boost their overall satisfaction.

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3. Improve the Dining Experience

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Reservation apps allow customers to access real-time waitlists and to see table availabilities. They also give guests the opportunity to choose their own tables and place orders in advance. These features can improve customers' dining experiences since it enables them to customize and control their visit.

4. Effortlessly Promote Up-Sell Add-Ons

Customers will need to go to the restaurant's website or reservation app to book a table. This means managers can promote up-sell options on the webpage to boost sales and increase check sizes. For example, on the booking page, there can be an upgrade option that includes a view or meal bundle for an added cost. Operators can also promote their profitable menu items to attract diners as they put in their online orders.

5. Gain Valuable Insight

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Guests can create a personal profile on a restaurant's reservation system. Doing so enables the business to collect key data about the diner's preferences, purchasing history, and availability. Management teams can then use these insights and customize marketing and advertising campaigns that target their needs. Executives can also learn more about their overall consumer base, popular hours of operation, and best-selling dishes.

6. Reduce Errors

In contrast to traditional call-in booking, online restaurant reservations will minimize errors. When calling in, there is room for miscommunication, in which the host may record the wrong time, date, or table. Restaurants can also get loud when it is busy; therefore, staff and guests may mishear each other over the phone. But with reservation software, customers can input their information and desired time directly into the system. By reducing errors, customer satisfaction will be enhanced and restaurants can effectively serve their guests.

7. 24/7 Booking

Traditionally, with phone reservations, customers would need to wait until the restaurant opens to call. However, online booking allows restaurant guests to make a reservation at anytime or day. This helps maximize the number of reservations made and increases revenue for the restaurant. In the long run, the eatery can scale its business as more customers and profits are generated.

Key Takeaways to Restaurant Reservation Software

  • A restaurant reservation software system allows guests to book a table and order menu items ahead of time. They can generally do so using the restaurant's website or mobile app.
  • Incorporating a reservation system is a key component for many restaurant businesses in today's digital age.
  • Technology trends are shifting and customers are demanding that restaurants adapt to provide convenience and accessibility.
  • An online booking solution will enable restaurants and customers to reap many advantages. These benefits include operational efficiency, improved customer experience, and 24/7 service.

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