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Buyer's Guide to Interview Scheduling Software

buyers guide to interview scheduling software
Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

Necessary Interview Scheduling Software Tools

A job candidate interview provides an opportunity for a company to get to know an applicant and decide if they are the best fit for the role. However, during the interview and hiring process applicants also learn a lot about the company.

As such, an interview serves as a first impression for both businesses and applicants so it is crucial that both parties make sure to deliver their best effort on creating a great one. Just as job candidates must make sure they are ready to ace an interview, hiring managers must make sure that they are excellent brand ambassadors for the business they represent.

There are many interview best practices that can help hiring managers make the best first impression possible to applicants. A failure to abide by interview best practices can result in a variety of consequences ranging from a subpar candidate experience to deterring top talent applicants.

The interview scheduling process best practices include making sure the time of the interview is optimal. Case studies show that between 10-11 in the morning is the best time to schedule interviews between hiring managers and applicants.

Whether video interviewing or scheduling interviews in person, time zone compatibility must be recognized. With more video interviews and digital career fairs than ever before, virtual event scheduling should always consider time zone when scheduling interviews or participating in talent acquisition events.

Round robin interview best practices are similar to other panel interview best practices. When conducting a round-robin interview hiring managers should make sure to keep the process moving in real-time by avoiding unnecessary lags in between rounds.

Suppling more time for the interview process than is actually needed is far preferable to scheduling less time than is required. As such, a proper interview schedule accommodates ample opportunity for applicants to ask questions, express concerns, and provide feedback.

Similarly, hiring managers should make sure the interview does not overlap with other commitments. Hiring managers must check their Google Calendar or scheduling software to make sure that they are not overextending themselves.

The same principle is also applicable to the meeting space, ensuring that the interview room does not get double booked. Whether a video interview or an in-person interview, hiring managers should be able to stay in one place throughout the entire process.

Thankfully, these best practices are all compatible with investing in and implementing proper scheduling software. However, some businesses may still struggle to decide what the best interview scheduling software is for their specific needs and wants.

4 components to look out for in an interview scheduling software include-

1. Features

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Deciding on the best interview scheduling software requires researching available features. Depending on specific business requirements and desires, certain features may be more valuable than others.

One feature to look out for is the ability to sync interview scheduling software with online calendars, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. Mobile app and device accessibility are also critical to consider, with some scheduling software sending automated interview reminders in real time across all linked devices.

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2. Pricing

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From recruiting software to interview scheduling software, pricing is often a top concern. The best interview scheduling software is not always the cheapest option, nor is it always the most expensive option available.

Hiring managers should make sure to spend time understanding some of the basics about who will be utilizing the scheduling software and which features are most needed. For example, if a scheduling tool will be used from multiple office locations, the business may incur an additional fee.

3. Support

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The best scheduling software will have a great customer care support team behind it. The ability to contact software representatives in real time through phone calls or via email is crucial.

In order to learn more about the support that a third party software service provider offers it is wise to get demo interactions during free trials. Scheduling software should supply easy use capabilities and a strong support team, not excessive back and forth emails due to time zone conflicts.

4. Trials

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Businesses should make sure to get demo experience through free trial offers during their search to locate and purchase the best interview scheduling software for their organization. Hiring managers can choose to request demo software through phone calls or via email correspondence with the software company.

Some software companies even have a link to request demo software listed on their page. If there are case studies or customer testimonials available, hiring managers should spend time reviewing them in addition to participating in free interview scheduling software demos.

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Key Takeaways

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  • Specialized software is a great interview scheduling tool for a business to invest in and implement.
  • Benefits of online interview scheduling software include the ability to keep track in one place of all interviews scheduled in addition to automated interview scheduling reminders.

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