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The 6 Stages of Employee Life Cycle Model

An employee life cycle model, or ELC, encompasses all the stages an employee experiences within a company, from being aware of it, working for it, and leaving.
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An Overview of the Employee Life Cycle

An employee life cycle, or ELC, is the journey of when a talent discovers a company, works for it and then leaves. Mapping ELCs highlights how a person engages with the brand during their employment.
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7 Top Employee Retention Strategy Tips

An employee retention strategy is important for businesses, as it can increase performance and improve morale.
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How to Build a Talent Management Strategy

A talent management strategy is the human resource practice of attracting, hiring, onboarding, and retaining top employees.
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What is Human Capital Management and Why Does it Matter?

What is human capital management? Also known as HCM, human capital management is the process of recruiting and managing a workforce to ensure productivity and efficiency.
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5 Top Human Capital Management System Trends

A human capital management system is a set of human resource processes, which include talent acquisition and workforce management.
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5 Key Steps for Strategic Human Capital Management

Strategic human capital management, or HCM, is a human resources practice that entails recruitment, onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration.
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Beginner's Guide to Human Capital Management

Human capital management, also known simply as HCM, is the practice of recruiting, hiring, and managing a workforce optimally and effectively.
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Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Performance Management Process

A performance management process is a series of steps where employers and employees collaborate to measure goal achievements and share job feedback.
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Beginner's Guide to Performance Management Systems

A performance management system is a process that employers use to monitor and measure employee performance. These mechanisms make it easier to ensure staff members are achieving strategic goals
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