10 Reasons to Track Employee Absences

10 Benefits of Employee Absence Tracking

An employee absence tracker is an employee attendance solution that is used to track employee sick leave, vacation days, and other absences. Employee attendance and absence tracker tools are a much more effective option than using Excel templates or manual tracking techniques.

Understanding how employees work and how employee attendance influences operations have massive implications on the entire success and bottom line profitability of a company. 10 significant benefits of employee attendance tracking include-

1. Decreased Micromanaging

An employee absence tracker decreases the time managers spend manually tracking employee attendance and absences. As a result, even the most micromanaging bosses may find themselves more relaxed and with more free time to focus on their own important tasks.

Instead of managers trying to keep track of each individual employee in the office, management can easily search by employee name and see if a specific employee is on the clock. Some software can even send automated reminders to the team regarding sick leave or vacation days of specific team members.

2. Remote Workers

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With more employees working remotely than ever before an employee attendance tracker is an especially helpful tool. Both time tracking and attendance tracking capabilities can help ease concerns of managers regarding remote worker productivity levels.

Additionally, when remote workers need to request vacation days or sick leave they can do so easily without having to come into the office or engage in counterproductive back and forths with management staff members.

3. Employee Accountability

Increasing employee accountability levels in the workplace has shown to benefit a large variety of business processes. An employee absence tracker will keep track of everything from vacation days to any sick leave that a team member takes.

Attendance tracking helps to keep team members accountable for their time off requests and any other time spent away from work.

4. Proper Compensation

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Employee absence rates can directly influence the amount of compensation that an employee receives at the end of a specific pay period. For example, if an employee takes unpaid vacation days off from work, their wages would need to reflect that change.

Another example would be to make sure that an employee is not underpaid for any paid time off they took. With an employee absence tracker, employees can rest assured that their checks will reflect the proper total.

5. Business Decisions

Employee attendance tracking systems can include resources that improve business decision making. For example, report generation functions can help businesses to pinpoint employee absence patterns as well as more effective, informed solutions.

6. Employee Morale

Finding ways to increase employee morale is a top concern for many businesses. The outdated process of requesting time off or planning vacation days used to be a drain on employee time and overall morale.

With an employee attendance system in place, requests are much less time consuming. As a result, employees feel that their time is valued and that management considers time off as important for morale.

7. Accessibility

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Instead of employees having to contact human resources or business owners regarding their attendance records, an employee absence tracker can display all of that information in just a few clicks. Not only does this decrease unnecessary back and forth between departments, but employees and management professionals are provided access to the same information.

The transparency and accessibility that an employee attendance and absence tracker can supply are invaluable.

8. Less Paper

Many businesses want their offices to be more environmentally friendly. An absence tracker is a great way to accomplish this, using less paper to keep track of employee absences and attendance.

9. Vacation Days

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Previously, employees and human resources departments may have needed to keep track of employee vacation days individually. With an employee attendance and employee absence tracker, vacation days are tracked in one universal location.

With just a few clicks, users can locate an employee name and any vacation days already used or available to be used. With different employees potentially having distinct vacation days available or rollovers from prior years, an attendance tracker is a great tool to have.

10. Employee Attendance

An outstanding benefit that tracking employee attendance provides businesses is that it can actually improve workplace attendance. For example, workers who are able to see instantly how much time off they are still allotted may be much less stressed about requesting time off.

As a result, employees are less prone to burnout or feeling unnecessarily stressed in the workplace. With burnout, stress, and depression being the top reasons for employee absences, employee attendance is likely to improve with proper attendance tracking in place.

Key Takeaways

  • An employee absence tracker is an employee attendance solution that supplies a wide range of benefits.
  • Benefits of using an employee attendance and absence tracker range from increased employee accountability to a more eco friendly office.

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