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Clear Benefits of an Online Schedule Maker

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Lauren Christiansen

By Lauren Christiansen

Benefits of an Online Schedule Maker vs. Manual Scheduling

Every restaurant manager knows how hard and time-consuming it is to create an employee schedule. It's especially challenging when there is only a pen, paper, or a spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel.

Restaurant managers waste an average of 3.14 hours per week on a manual schedule. Manual scheduling also leads to a 174% increase in turnover and 140 hours a year in lost time. There are more inaccuracies, a greater number of last-minute changes, and more incidents of absenteeism. This not only hurts morale, it impacts the quality of customer service. It also results in less time for managers to complete critical tasks and maintain operations.

So, what's the solution? Many restaurant owners now utilize an online schedule maker to streamline time tracking and speed up employee scheduling. With automated schedule templates, managers save a lot of time and money. They maintain compliance with FLSA regulations and minimize errors that impact morale. Employees also prefer the more optimized work schedules.

Here are many of the other benefits of an online schedule builder.

1. Online Schedule Maker Ensures Scheduling is Easy and Collaborative

Employees enjoy the greater autonomy they have over their work schedules. They can swap shifts and engage in collaborative scheduling with team members. Managers can easily approve or disapprove requests with a few simple clicks.

Easy use schedule templates ensure that all shifts are covered and requests are approved promptly. A schedule template will send a reminder or notification if there is data to approve or an unusual punch-in to note. By sharing this responsibility with team members, managers save more time to work on other tasks.

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2. Online Schedule Maker Enables Remote Access

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Restaurant employees work various shift schedules and aren't always on-site. It's difficult to set meetings and verify information when restaurant staff work a wide array of hours. With scheduling software, employees have 24/7 access to the daily schedule.

They can plan ahead and manage their time more effectively, which improves morale. They also have more time to identify scheduling inaccuracies before they become a bigger problem. This improved connectivity decreases the turnover rate and enhances worker satisfaction.

  • 60% of employees use mobile phones for work-related tasks
  • 70% of employees keep their phones within eye contact at work
  • 59% of employees claim their managers have been too slow at adapting technology to optimize remote connectivity

3. Online Schedule Maker Minimizes Overtime

Labor costs constitute up to 30% of overall restaurant revenue. It's critical to minimize expenses wherever possible, particularly in the age of COVID-19. With a free online tool, restaurant managers can receive reminders if an employee approaches overtime. They can then intervene before overtime cuts into profits.

Furthermore, an online schedule maker helps to maintain compliance with FLSA laws. Violations lead to expensive fines, particularly when it comes to overtime. Each week that an employee works cannot be averaged over a 2-week timeframe. Restaurants can't pay overtime on the following paycheck and they can't trade in overtime for vacation hours. With a scheduling app, automatic alerts prevent these types of overtime violations that lead to expensive fines.

4. Online Schedule Maker Improves Communication

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Miscommunication in the workplace is the biggest contributing factor to low employee morale and high turnover rates. It also leads to poor customer service and a decrease in sales. When restaurant managers automate manual processes, they digitize and enhance communication.

Employees can send messages and time-off requests through a mobile app with a few simple clicks. Managers can easily view alerts and reminders and respond in minutes. This streamlines communication between employee and manager, which minimizes any inaccuracies and improves the company culture.

  • Businesses that adopt a communication system through digitization see a 52% boost in productivity
  • 74% of restaurant employees think they are missing out on key information or company news
  • Employee efficiency increases in restaurants where coworkers can easily connect through technology

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5. Online Schedule Maker is More Efficient

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Restaurant managers have a lot on their plates. They don't have the time or energy to spend hours on manual scheduling. With an employee scheduling app, supervisors can time track and monitor attendance while off-site.

Employees can see their schedules in real-time and plan so they are prepared for their assigned hours. Team members also receive automatic schedule updates so they stay informed. This improves morale and minimizes any bottlenecks that lead to non-compliance and high turnover.

Key Takeaways of Online Schedule Maker

In conclusion, here are the benefits of a free schedule maker and employee work schedules -

  • Manual scheduling wastes 3.14 hours each week and causes 174% higher turnover. This is a total of 140 hours a year in wasted time and effort. Manual scheduling is not only a waste of time, it cuts into profits, hurts employee morale, and decreases the quality of customer service.
  • An online schedule maker leads to greater collaboration and more employee autonomy. It also enables remote access so restaurant managers/employees can access work schedule data while off-site.
  • Restaurants can use an online schedule maker to minimize overtime hours. This will help to save money and comply with FLSA regulations. An online schedule maker maximizes connectivity and improves communication between employees and manager.
  • An online schedule maker leads to greater overall efficiency. Workers can access data and input requests while on-to-go. Managers can quickly approve or disapprove any requests. Employees can view changes in real-time and point out problems before they become bigger issues.

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