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The Main Benefits of Employee Time Tracking in Restaurants

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Employee Time Tracking

Effective use of time is important for businesses, especially quick-paced operations like restaurants. Unproductivity during working hours can result in disrupted workflow and profit loss. According to a study, employers lose 4.5 hours per staff member each week due to time theft. Experts estimate that losing an hour a day could cost a company $3,750 each year.

Time loss often can be attributed to many reasons, such as excess meetings, inefficient processes, and miscommunication. To prevent these issues from exacerbating, management teams should implement employee time tracking tools. A tracking solution will enhance visibility into employees' workload and workflow. These insights will enable managers to improve their operational process and boost capacity, among other benefits.

Benefits of Employee Time Tracking in Restaurants

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Employee time tracking systems are online solutions and mobile apps that will record and monitor staff's work hours. Users can access the web-based software from a browser, desktop, or mobile device. They can then clock in or out, and input their lunch and rest breaks in real-time. Businesses will often employ a time tracking tool to see which employees are working and what tasks they are completing. It also helps management teams ensure accurate payroll and promote compensation transparency.

Restaurant businesses should take advantage of the functions and capabilities of employee time tracking. Some of its features include project management and data analytics and reporting. The process of time tracking is also automated, which enables managers to focus on other tasks, like customer service. With this, eateries can reap many benefits, such as the following.

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Boost Production and Output

With a time tracking tool, employees can view their working hours and record their progress in project completion. They can use these insights to identify unproductive activities and improve their time management skills. According to research, multitasking can decrease productivity by up to 45%. But with a time tracker, staff can organize their time accordingly and efficiently prioritize tasks.

Promote Employee Accountability

Time tracking systems will provide data and reports regarding how long an employee worked and when they took their breaks. It can also indicate what tasks they worked on and completed throughout the day. Since employers and staff members will have access to this information, employees can be held accountable for their work. This means employees will be more likely to finish their assignments with efficiency and avoid procrastination. They will also be motivated and dedicated to their work, which will enhance the quality of output.

Ensure Transparency

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By equipping a restaurant with time tracking apps, management teams will have clearer transparency into employees' working processes. For example, they can better understand the time spent on projects and which tasks are being neglected. Managers can also identify the number of tasks completed during a given timeframe and pinpoint efficient teams or staff. With these insights, they can effectively optimize workflows and processes.

For instance, time-consuming tasks can be improved by adding more staff to a team or by adjusting employee schedules. Time trackers also boost transparency between coworkers, in which one team can assess another department's progress on a project.

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Modernize the Clocking-In System

Traditionally, employees would need to punch in a physical timesheet to track their work hours. This has become a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. It is also outdated, prone to errors, and expensive to maintain. Time tracking software is a modern alternative that automates the entire clocking-in system. It ensures accuracy in tracking time, as well as wage calculation and invoicing. Additionally, it is sustainable since employers can use a digital timesheet, instead of paper.

Optimize Employee Scheduling

The best time tracking solutions have employee scheduling features or can be integrated with similar software. This will allow managers to see what hours of the day their staff are most busy. They can then supplement the shift with more employees. Meanwhile, if a shift spends most of their time doing unproductive tasks, management can cut employees to reduce labor costs.

Better Management of Remote Employees

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More and more companies are employing remote workers. This has become especially important for many people because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, studies show that over 26% of American people will be working remotely through 2021. Employers can better manage their remote workforce with a time tracking solution.

Regardless of time zone and location differences, businesses can make sure they are accurately recording work hours. In turn, they can ensure correct compensation and invoices. Additionally, management can have better visibility into what their employees are doing while they are clocked into their shift. This will allow businesses to make sure their staff is productive and not distracted by non-work activities while working remotely.

Improve Employee Morale

A time tracker app will help promote trust and respect among employees, which will boost overall morale as well. Since the solution will automate time tracking, owners can avoid micromanagement. This is the act of closely observing and controlling employees' work processes. This practice is restrictive and can make staff feel unvalued by the company.

Executives can also use time tracking software to identify and award top-performing employees. By giving recognition to hardworking staff, they will feel more satisfied with the company. Effectively, morale will increase, as well as employee retention.

Key Takeaways to Employee Time Tracking

  • Time tracking is important for businesses, especially for restaurants. These establishments can optimize operations and enhance growth by implementing employee time tracking tools.
  • Time tracking tools are online solutions and mobile apps that record employee work hours.
  • Restaurants can use these solutions to boost output capacity and to better understand their staff's workload.
  • There are other benefits to using a time tracking system, such as improve employee morale, ensure transparency, and promote accountability.

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