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5 Clear Benefits of a Time Management System

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Lauren Christiansen

By Lauren Christiansen

5 Benefits of a Time Management System

The two most valuable resources in the restaurant industry are time and money. Any small business that needs to finish important tasks, improve sales, and reach key objectives should prioritize effective time allocation skills.

In the business world, time is not an infinite resource. Though every person has the same 24 hours each day, every minute is valuable to a restaurant owner. With so many tasks to complete and hats to wear, everyone must track time and use it wisely. One wasted hour may cause a restaurant to lose thousands of dollars in revenue.

Employee time allocation is also key to productivity and job satisfaction. Disorganized and frazzled team members tend to have more anxiety and complete fewer tasks. This hurts customer service and impacts turnover, which decreases the bottom line.

Therefore, every restaurant employee must use time well and optimize project management. Though some small businesses still use a traditional time management tool, most restaurants now invest in an automated time tracker to streamline time management. Time attendance software can help to track time spent on projects, optimize payroll, and monitor productivity. This saves time and money, and reduces the potential for human error.

Read ahead for other top benefits of effective time management and management systems.

1. Time Management System Optimizes Time Tracking

Traditional ways of tracking time are meticulous, inefficient, and prone to error. The HR department must track employee time with timesheets and then verify work hours before each pay cycle. This further decreases the limited time they have to work on more critical tasks.

With attendance software, employees manage their own time through a tracking app or on a regular desktop. They enjoy the greater autonomy they have over their benefits and schedules, which increases morale. Employers have less work to do and payroll is much more accurate. Management software eliminates error and inaccurate data, which improves analytics and payroll processing. It also reduces any overpayments and ensures compliance, which helps to save money.

  • Only 17% of people actively track their time
  • Multi-tasking without time tracking decreases productivity by 45%
  • The global time tracking market will increase by 20.65% by 2025
  • 1 in 3 timekeeping methods are outdated

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2. Time Management System Improves Productivity

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Every manager wants to boost productivity in the workplace. When team membersspend time making phone calls or gossiping with coworkers, they cut into the bottom line. Managers can utilize cloud-based tracking software to track productivity, monitor attendance, and evaluate work time performance.
Because employees know that managers are monitoring them, they tend to work harder.

Time management systems will hold employees accountable and encourage them to get things done during billable hours. This will increase morale and improve the company culture, which can help to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

3. Time Management System Enhances Employee Engagement

Case studies show that employee engagement decreases when there is less workplace accountability. If managers don't reward high-performing team members and expect a certain level of responsibility, workers aren't engaged.

With a time attendance solution or management tool, managers can monitor employee performance and absenteeism. They can use this information to promote or discipline team members. In other words, time attendance software provides an incentive for workers to stay engaged. This will help lower the turnover rate and improve the quality of customer service, which increases sales.

  • Only 42% of employees look forward to work each day
  • Only 44% of HR executives say employees are going the extra mile and that leadership style may need to transform
  • Employees are more satisifed with their jobs and coworkers than their managers and companies.

4. Time Management System Eliminate Fraud and Payroll Abuse

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Restaurants lose thousands of dollars every year on employee theft, fraud, and abuse. Theft and fraud include time theft, inventory theft, cash drawer theft, and material theft. It's incredible how pervasive this problem is in the business world.

Almost 80% of employees admit to theft at one time or another. The biggest type of theft is time, with over 75% of businesses affected. While restaurants and small businesses can't prevent all theft, they can eliminate time theft. With automatic management software and a time tracking solution, managers are notified of suspicious activity before it occurs.

Biometric time clocks use a human trait to verify a person's identity, which prevents buddy punching and fraud. Some time management software integrates with GPS so supervisors know where employees are when they punch in and out. This saves money, ensures compliance, and holds everyone accountable for their actions.

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5. Time Management System Improves Employee Morale

With automatic time solutions, high-performing employees know that laggards won't manipulate the system. They can feel proud of the work they complete each day and the time they spend because they know managers will hold everyone accountable.

Good time management software also provides employees greater autonomy over their schedules and benefits. Team members can easily swap shifts, request time-off, manage vacation days, and plan ahead. It provides the incentive to show up to work each day on time with a positive attitude. This will improve the company culture and increase employee engagement, which enhances morale.

Key Takeaways of Time Management System

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In conclusion, here are the benefits of automatic time tracking -

  • Automated time tracking manages absenteeism, improves scheduling, and ensures accurate payroll processing. This helps business owners save money on overpayments and make better business decisions.
  • Time tracking software increases workplace productivity. Because team members know managers track time spent on projects/downtime, they tend to perform better. A good management system also optimizes employee engagement. Employees enjoy the autonomy they have over their schedules and like that their hard work is valued.
  • Management tools eliminate fraud and payroll abuse. Employees must use an app or secure system to clock in. Biometric time clocks make buddy punching and time theft impossible. This saves a restaurant thousands of dollars a year in waste, fraud, and abuse.
  • Management apps and time management platforms improve employee morale. Workers enjoy the autonomy they gain over schedules, vacation days, and benefits. High-performing team members like that low-performs are held accountable. This enhances the company culture, improves the quality of customer service, and increases sales. It also decreases the turnover rate.

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