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4 Strategic Plan Examples in Action

4 strategic plan examples in action
Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

4 Clear Cut Examples of Strategic Plans

Excellent strategic planning is generally considered crucial for both short term and long term bottom line profitability and overall success. Benefits strategic planning offers range from short term business strategy changes to increased long term efficiency. Both small business and large corporation owners are increasingly recognizing the value strategic planning offers.

Case studies and plan example templates are both great sources to learn more about strategic planning. A typical plan template will incorporate various elements ranging from vision statements to action items within an action plan. Understanding the core elements of strategic plans allows professionals to make sure their own plan is optimal.

The first item of a strategic plan is the executive summary which is typically one to two pages in length. The executive summary should include the central points of the strategic plan. An organization usually formulates mission and vision statements next. A vision statement describes the ideal future business position. The mission statement is also referenced through the strategic planning process. A mission statement defines objectives and the approach necessary to reach goals effectively.

Many professionals struggle to understand the difference between a vision statement and a mission statement. While a mission statement focuses on current happenings, a vision statement focuses on future standing. A mission statement drives an organization forward while a vision statement supplies direction. Finally, while a vision statement rarely changes, a mission statement often evolves with an organization.

Organizational values are generally considered easy to compose. Core values assert an organization's perception of right and wrong in addition to expected behavior. Unfortunately, many organizations utilize meaningless jargon or idealized and untruthful core values. In actuality, core values are often already a part of organizational culture and merely necessitate formal written identification.

Established goals and objectives make up a large portion of a strategic plan. Objectives and goals are two terms that are oftentimes incorrectly used interchangeably. A goal is usually a qualitative broader statement that can be short or long term in nature. Objectives support goals and are typically both quantitative and measurable with narrower scopes. Objectives are generally more specific and short term oriented than goals are.

Strategic planning is utilized for a wide range of purposes outside the corporate world. Unfortunately, some people incorrectly assume that strategic planning is only for businesses. However, there are many different scenarios where strategic plan creation should be considered. 4 examples of strategic plans include-

1. City

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A well established city strategy holds the potential to benefit community members significantly. Strategic priorities often include infrastructure, finance, environment, and overall quality of life. Typically, city strategic plans and long termstrategic goals span well into the future.

It is not uncommon for a city strategic plan to extend past the upcoming ten years. Unfortunately, due to the long term scope, many strategic plans and strategic goals are never implemented or achieved.

A city plan example objective could be air quality improvements. The action plan and action items could include emissions testing programs and city vehicles converting to electric. The target outcome may establish an ideal air quality measurement.

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2. Education

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An education strategic plan is often created for a school or a university. Individual academic departments and school boards also create educational strategic plans. Staff, faculty, and students are commonly considered when strategic plans are created. Additionally, the institution itself and the larger community are regularly considered during educational strategic planning processes. Strategic priorities often include education, infrastructure, affordability, and sustainability.

An educational strategic planning example objective could be eliminating student debt. The action plan and action items may include an increase in grants and a decrease in the tuition price. A target outcome may aim to reduce the debt of graduating students by next year by a specific percent. A more long term target outcome would be the institution providing completely free student education in the future.

3. Marketing

A marketing strategic plan may be created for an individual product or entire organization. Strategic priorities often include promotions, costs, distribution, and development. A marketing strategic planning example objective could be increasing demand through advertisements. The action plan and action items could include more optimal targeting of potential and existing customers. The target outcome for the next year could be a specific dollar amount of revenue generated by advertising campaigns.

4. Corporate

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A corporate strategic plan incorporates action items in order to achieve goals that are larger. Corporate strategic plans include an action plan to achieve goals and measure progress. Strategic priorities often include increased revenue, quality control, and brand recognition.

A corporate strategic planning example objective could be improving brand recognition. The action plan and action items might include promotions through the brand marketing team. Promotion types defined could range from direct marketing to merchandising displays at a storefront location. The target outcome could be an increase by next year in brand recognition from a designated percentage of people.

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Key Takeaways for Strategic Plans

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  • A well formulated strategic plan benefits a wide range of different organization types.
  • Strategic plan examples include city, education, marketing, and corporate strategic planning processes.

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