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Why You Need a Restaurant Scheduling Software

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Restaurant Scheduling Software

Restaurant operators manage a diverse crew, from staff in the front of house to employees in the back of house. This means processing a multitude of unique availabilities, time-off requests, and preferences. Despite how complex this practice may sound, it can be easily streamlined with the use of restaurant scheduling software. These are solutions that automate the staffing process, ensuring each restaurant employee has an optimal amount of shifts.

According to statistics, 26% of employee scheduling software users state that they make fewer staffing mistakes. And 35% say that scheduling is easier and quicker with a software system. With many advantages that come with workforce management tools, it's evident why the restaurant industry is investing in it.

5 Benefits of Restaurant Scheduling Software

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Traditionally, scheduling would entail using pen and paper and manually organizing employee shift dates. This process is oftentimes time-consuming and labor-intensive, as managers would need to go through individual employee availabilities. Physically building out schedules also results in frequent errors and accidental overtime. These incidents would lead to unnecessary extra costs and unhappy employees.

However, with a staff scheduling system, operators can avoid these challenges. The tool modernizes the scheduling process, allowing owners to manage staff via mobile apps, desktop, or tablet. Employees no longer have to go to the restaurant or print copies of their schedules. Instead, they can view it on their iOS and Android devices. The following are other critical benefits of a restaurant scheduling solution.

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1. In-App Communication and News Feeds

Scheduling systems offer capabilities beyond just staffing. These tools have built-in team communication modules, such as mobile app chat messaging and news feed dashboards. With messaging, managers and employees can have a secure and reliable way to contact one another in real time. Users can also create group chats to relay team-specific information. For example, restaurant managers can have group messaging for their front of house staff and back of house staff.

A news feed dashboard is where management can post announcements, company news, and updates. This ensures that all employees are aware of important information, such as new hours of operation or menu changes. By fostering an open channel of communication, the work culture will be positive and transparent. Studies show that 81% of people prefer companies that value communication. With a scheduling system, restaurant businesses can reinforce this.

2. Save Time

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Traditional manual methods of scheduling often take a lot of time. Managers must physically collect employee availabilities, create a filing system, and write down schedules. Scheduling software tools, on the other hand, will automate these processes. Employees can send in their preferred workdays through the scheduler app, as well as time-off requests and sick days. The system will automatically populate suggestions on creating an accommodating schedule.

Management can also set their labor budgets into the scheduling app. This will allow the solution to help users build schedules that fit their budgets. For example, it can suggest managers to staff fewer servers during non-peak hours. With this, the restaurant can reduce the time needed to manually assess data and documents.

3. Added Features

There are many free online employee scheduling apps that businesses can choose from. Many of these service providers will also offer advanced scheduling features for an added cost. This includes time trackers and task management. With the former, employees can set a time clock on their phones to track how long they worked on a task. A project management feature will enable teams to collaborate and ensure they meet deadlines.

Restaurants can examine their needs and create a customized package that fits their budgets. And with the right modules, restaurateurs can effectively boost their operational capacity and profit margins. For example, a shift scheduling system with integration-abled software can be synced to payroll tools. Therefore, all logged work hours will be sent directly to payroll, subsequently streamlining employee compensation processes.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

4. Empower Employees

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In order for employees to feel satisfied, valued, and driven, they need a work life balance. They also need their employers to listen to their preferences and needs and accommodate them as much as they can. This is made possible with the latest restaurant scheduling tool. Staff members can input time-off requests, conduct shift swaps, and adjust their availabilities anytime with their mobile device. This enables them to control their workload and create a work schedule that fits their lifestyle.

Employees that are empowered in this way are more likely to have job satisfaction. They will feel happy with their management and will be motivated to come into work. For businesses, this means retention rates will increase and productivity will enhance.

5. Make Informed Decisions

Cloud based scheduling tools have data analytics capabilities. This means the system will collect metrics regarding labor costs, sales, and employees to generate insightful reports. This is valuable because restaurants can leverage this information and improve their operations. For example, they can strategize practices to cut labor spending or identify ways to boost profitability.

Key Takeaways to Restaurant Scheduling Software

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  • Using a restaurant scheduling software system can help an eatery or small business significantly optimize operations.
  • Compared to traditional practices to create schedules, the software is much more accessible, easy to use, and quick.
  • The key benefits of using tools for scheduling shift include enhanced communication, improve employee morale, and access to data insights.
  • Effective implementation of the best restaurant scheduling software will help companies protect their bottom line and streamline processes.

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