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Save Your Restaurant Some Money with Online Scheduling

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Online Scheduling

Creating employee schedules can take a lot of time, especially if managers are using traditional paper, pen, and spreadsheets methods. It also requires a lot of brainpower, as the business must consider overtime, employee availability, and labor costs. In turn, this time-intensive process can often result in human errors and costly miscalculations. To avoid these challenges, restaurants and small businesses should utilize online scheduling software.

With the right scheduling system, restaurants can save up to 4% on labor expenses. In another study, 26% made fewer scheduling mistakes and 35% found scheduling easier and quicker with software. These benefits will enable restaurants to avoid spending extra money and energy on scheduling. To which business owners can reallocate these resources towards other pressing matters, such as menu development.

How Online Scheduling Saves Restaurants Money

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Online scheduling solutions are cloud-based tools that simplify the staffing process. The best systems will collect sales and labor cost data to help managers prevent under and overstaffing shifts. This is significant for restaurants because having too few employees could cost the business sales and customers. On the other hand, overstaffing will increase workforce expenses and overall operational costs. The following are other ways that online employee schedulers can save restaurants capital.

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1. Reduce Conflicts with Schedules

Each and every employee has unique availabilities. And from time to time, they will need to request days off for vacation or sick leave. Scheduling systems will note these discrepancies and help managers schedule staff accordingly. These solutions often come with a mobile app that employees can download and input their workdays.

The platform can also make sure managers are not scheduling the same team member twice for one shift. By preventing these conflicts, restaurants can guarantee that each shift has enough staff. It will also deter double booking and the need to pay employees overtime. In turn, managers will reduce labor spending and boost employee morale.

2. Easy Shift Swapping

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Traditionally, when an employee cannot come to work, they would have to manually contact their coworkers to ask to swap shifts. This often results in stress, as people may not answer calls or see the request. However, with an online scheduler, shift swapping is easy and accessible. The employee can use their scheduling app and send a request to swap a specific shift.

The system will then alert all available staff members of the request via a notification. Generally, users can set up their alerts for their mobile device, desktop, or email. This ensures that everyone from the restaurant knows of the open shift and increases the chance that someone takes it. The interested worker can then accept the shift swap through the platform.

3. Simplify Time Off Requests

With a cloud scheduling tool, managers no longer have to worry about keeping track of time off requests. Instead, employees can directly ask for time off through the scheduler app. Once a manager approves of the request, the system will prevent the employee from being scheduled on those days. This will effectively minimize scheduling errors and prevent miscommunication between staff and management.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

4. Promote Open Channels of Communication

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The top digital schedulers have communication tools that will make sure all employees are up-to-date about company news. The apps will commonly have news feeds and alert capabilities, which managers can use to send important announcements. This feature will save executives time from having to send alerts one by one. They also have in-app messaging so management and team members can contact one another individually or create group chats.

5. Mobile Device Compatibility

Most scheduling tools can run on any smartphone or tablet, meaning managers can work on the go. This flexibility enables executives to create schedules and manage employees remotely. Employees can also check their shift times whenever they need and send in adjustment requests at any time. This mobile access will save teams unnecessary trips to the restaurant or office.

6. Reduce Employee Absenteeism

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Staff members can review their shift schedules and access real-time changes any time and day through the app. Many systems will also send automated reminders to the employee's devices to alert them about upcoming shifts. This means they will be less likely to forget about when they need to come in. Managers can also use these features to hold staff accountable and reduce lost revenue.

7. Affordable Scheduling

Online scheduling platform providers typically offer services via monthly subscriptions. Restaurant management will not need to sign onto a long-term contract or pay upfront fees for setup. Since most systems are cloud-based, managers can quickly download the software straight to their devices in minutes. Many providers also offer advanced features at an additional cost.

Therefore, restaurant businesses can purchase modules based on their needs and customize their own packages. Additionally, since legacy hardware is not necessary, there is no need to invest in IT support or maintenance. Providers will also usually offer free online support, in case any updates or upgrades are needed.

8. Cut Down Labor Costs with Data

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Scheduling systems will collect data regarding budgets, labor costs, employees, work hours, and sales. Using automation, the tool will translate the metrics into valuable analytics and reports. Restaurant executives can then use these insights to effectively reduce labor costs and wage pay.

Key Takeaways to Online Scheduling

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  • Restaurants can ditch costly and time-intensive scheduling by using an online labor staffing system.
  • Online scheduling solutions are cloud-based apps that will simplify the staffing process and reduce errors.
  • Implementing the best scheduling system will help businesses cut down on operational costs and save money.
  • It does so by reducing employee absenteeism, opening communication channels, and providing data insights.

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