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Why Every Restaurant Needs an Automated Online Scheduling System

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Online Scheduling System

According to a study, 65% of businesses need to schedule appointments and employee shifts. To streamline this process, many are using online scheduling software. These are web-based tools that automate the scheduling process and ensure that hourly employees have optimal amounts of shifts. Managers and employees can access the software using their smartphones, tablets, or desktop. With its accessibility, among many other benefits, restaurants can optimize their operations and save time.

Benefits of an Automated Online Scheduling System

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From servers and hostesses to bussers and cooks, each and every staff member is critical to a thriving restaurant. It is key that restaurateurs make sure and have the right employees on shift at all times. Otherwise, they risk the quality of their customer service and potential profits. This is why automated online scheduling systems are an important asset to restaurants and small businesses. A scheduler tool will reduce staffing conflicts and automatically process all employee availabilities and time-off requests.

Other benefits to an automated online scheduling system include the following factors.

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1. Cut Costs

Operational costs take up a large number of a business's profits. In fact, the average labor cost percentage for most restaurants is between 25 to 35%. With scheduling software, restaurant owners can control their labor costs by preventing under and overstaffing. The system collects data regarding availabilities, time-off, holidays, and sales. It then uses these insights to create automated scheduling suggestions to limit workforce spending.

It also helps restaurants control overtime scheduling and double booking. When employees work multiple shifts in 1 day or log in over 40 hours per week, owners must pay overtime. This additional cost can make a great impact on the business's profit margins. But with a scheduling tool businesses can avoid this and decrease labor costs.

2. Compliance with Labor Laws

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The best scheduling solutions are labor law compliant, meaning it will ensure managers are staffing employees within legal means. There are also options for executives to input other regulations, such as company rules and union agreements. For example, they can set a limit for how many hours a team member can work in a day. By avoiding non-compliance, restaurants will prevent costly lawsuits and conflicts with their staff.

3. Useful Reminders and Alerts

Users can set up automated reminders in the scheduling app to notfiy them of upcoming shifts, new schedules, and changes. This ensures that staff members will never forget about their shifts, subsequently reducing employee absenteeism. Managers can also send alerts for announcements and news. In turn, they can guarantee that all staff is informed and up-to-date about the company.

Alerts can also be set for when business owners deviate from regulations or if the system has better scheduling suggestions. Generally, the app notifications can be sent through email, ios, android, or text. Users can customize this feature to their preferences on their devices.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

4. Give Control to Employees

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Modern scheduling platforms give control to employees. They can send in time-off requests or adjust their availabilities through the app. The software enables them to see their work schedules in advance; therefore they can swap shifts with colleagues if necessary. By empowering staff members to create the schedule they want, they will be more happy and motivated. The boosted morale will help foster job satisfaction and increase employee retention rates.

5. Gain Access to Data-Driven Insights

Cloud-based scheduling tools will compile key data about the workforce, costs, and sales. It will then translate these metrics into insightful reports and analytics. This is important because restaurant executives can assess these numbers and take corrective action. For example, they can forecast sales and adjust staff shifts accordingly. If they notice that labor costs are rising, they can strategize the best way to reduce spending.

6. Improve Organization

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Compared to traditional methods, managers no longer need to handle physical spreadsheets and organize filing cabinets when using online schedulers. Instead, they can store their files and calendars through the app or platform's website. These systems are intuitive and easy to use, so managers can retrieve these items with a click of a button. By keeping all necessary paperwork centralized in one location, managers can easily and accessibly track their processes. In turn, they can decrease errors and work with efficiency.

Key Takeaways to Online Scheduling System

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  • Businesses of all sizes and functions need to efficiently schedule employees to ensure operations run smoothly.
  • Managers of a restaurant franchise or small business can streamline this process with an online scheduling system.
  • These automated tools are important because they help limit mistakes, ensure optimal staffing, and protect the bottom line.
  • Some of the key benefits of using a scheduling system include reducing labor costs, regulation compliance, and accessing valuable data.

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