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Features You Won't Want to Miss with an Online Scheduling Software

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Online Scheduling Software

Many organizations are turning to online scheduling software to simplify their staffing procedures. These tools are especially important for small businesses and restaurants that operate with small teams of staff. For example, if an employee forgets their shift at an eatery, their absence will impact productivity, customer service, and revenue. With a scheduler, organizations can avoid these obstacles.

In fact, according to case studies, 22% of scheduling software users experience increased visibility. Additionally, 35% found scheduling easier and quicker and 26% made fewer errors, among many other benefits. But with many types of software and platforms in the market, it can be confusing to choose the right tool. One critical way to begin the selection process is to identify the best scheduling features.

Top Features to Have in Online Scheduling Software

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Online scheduling software is a web-based solution that helps business owners schedule hourly employees efficiently. The system is intuitive and will provide data-driven insights to prevent understaffing and overstaffing. In turn, businesses can protect their bottom line and avoid extra labor costs and lost revenue. Managers and employees can commonly access the software using their mobile smartphone or desktop. Other top features that a scheduling system should offer include the following.

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1. Shift Scheduler

A shift scheduling solution is the most integral module for scheduling software. A scheduler is known for being easy to use and quick. Instead of traditional spreadsheet and pen methods, managers can organize shifts and employee work hours with just a few clicks. The scheduler will also collect all employee information and availability to prevent scheduling conflicts. The intuitive software will block managers from double-booking or over-staffing an employee, as well.

2. Cloud Based Capabilities

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With cloud capabilities, users can access the software from anywhere, as long as it is running on an Internet-connected device. This feature will enable management to create schedules without having to be in the restaurant or office. Employees can also review their schedules and adjust their availabilities while on the go. Additionally, they can easily contact coworkers and supervisors, without experiencing delays.

3. Multiple Location Management

Companies that have employees across the globe, state, or city can effectively manage staff using a multi-location management feature. This module lets business owners easily create schedules for separate establishments. They can also access other system features, such as time trackers and data, to monitor all their staffs' productivity.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

4. Geofencing

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Geofencing is a location-based service that uses GPS to track employees' locations. This is great for reminding employees to clock in. The geofencing feature will notice when employees arrived at the business and will alert them to clock in. Additionally, it can send notifications to clock out when they leave the premises. With this feature, businesses can reduce time theft, which is when staff logs in hours despite not being at work.

5. Time Tracking and Attendance

Time tracking and attendance features will provide users with a time clock. Employees can typically load the time clock on their computer, browser, or phone to track how long they are working. With this feature, staff members can effectively gauge their progress and manage time. Hours that are clocked into the time tracker can also be sent to accounting systems to streamline payroll.

Scheduling systems that have this module will also have alert and notification options. Staff members can set up reminders to indicate upcoming shifts, schedule changes, or new assignments. This will help to prevent tardiness and absenteeism. Teams that are working on projects can also use time trackers to meet deadlines.

6. Labor Spending Tracking

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Online scheduling systems will usually have labor cost and budget tracking. The tool will collect all data regarding labor and spending to generate insightful reports. Management teams can then use these analytics to optimize their staffing and reduce labor costs. They can also send or share the reports to stakeholders and employees through the app to promote transparency.

7. Time-Off, Overtime, and Shift Swapping Requests

This feature makes sending and approving time-off, overtime, and shift swapping requests easier. Employees will only need to send an inquiry through the app, which will alert the manager. Once approved, the system will automate the action and ensure there are no scheduling conflicts. The overtime management feature will also help businesses control their labor costs.

8. Communication Tools

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The top scheduling software will have communication tools, such as in-app messaging and newsfeeds. Managers can use the messaging app to send individual bulletins or create a group chat for teams. And when a user posts an announcement to the newsfeed, the system will send a notification to all devices. This ensures that all information is effectively relayed to staff and that they are all in the loop.

Key Takeaways to Online Scheduling Software

  • Many businesses find that using online scheduling software helps optimize operations and streamline processes.
  • Not all systems are built the same, however, and will come with a variety of features.
  • Some of the top features that managers of businesses should look out for include cloud capabilities, time tracking, and communication tools.
  • With the right systems in place, businesses can protect their bottom line, cut labor costs, and improve staffing.

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