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10 Important Features to a Restaurant Scheduling App

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Restaurant Scheduling App

Time is valuable for restaurant industry operators. They have a multitude of tasks to complete so that operations run smoothly and seamlessly. And their establishments need to be properly staffed to ensure diners have the quick and quality service they expect. To save time and ensure that each hour is worked productively, operators need a restaurant scheduling app. With the best employee scheduler in place, restaurants can also leverage advanced features and boost their profitability.

10 Essential Components to a Restaurant Scheduling App

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A mobile restaurant scheduling app is a solution that automates the process of shift planning. It ensures that all work schedules are not understaffed or overstaffed. It also prevents employee schedules from exceeding labor cost budgets. And it streamlines these functionalities on the go, meaning managers do not need to be in the office or restaurant. Generally, these mobile apps will run on any smartphone or tablet device, such as iOS and Android.

There are many different platforms for shift scheduling apps that restaurants can choose from. The most defining factors are its unique features. The 10 most common components include the following.

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1. Auto Scheduling

This feature uses automation to build schedule that is within budget and align with employee availabilities. Its intuitive employee scheduling software also prevents under and overstaffing, and can suggest optimal teams. For example, the app may recommend new hires be scheduled with top-performing staff to improve efficiency.

2. Cloud Based

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Workforce management systems that are cloud-based operate via the Internet. This means users can access the restaurant scheduling software from any smartphone as long as there is a WiFi connection. With this feature, managers can work remotely and restaurant employees can check or adjust their schedules anytime. For example, staff can access schedule, swap shifts, and pick up open shifts on their mobile device.

3. Multiple Location Support

This feature is great for restaurants that have multiple brick and mortar locations across the state, city, or world. A scheduling time app with this module will enable managers to make schedules for all their locations remotely. This effectively saves travel time and money. The best employee scheduling tool will also allow management to monitor all their employees and track productivity through the interface.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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4. Geofencing

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Geofencing is a GPS tool that will track employee locations near work premises. It will alert staff to clock in when they arrive at the restaurant and remind them to clock out when they leave. This will prevent forgetfulness and time clock inaccuracy.

5. Time and Attendance Tracking

Most employee scheduling systems will have time and attendance tracking features. Employees can load the app's time clock onto their phones to monitor how long they are working. They can also use the scheduling time clock to gauge how long or how often they take breaks. Employers can then use this feature to track attendance and use the data to streamline payroll processes.

6. Workforce Spending Tracking

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Labor costs generally account for most of a restaurant's operational expenses. With a staff scheduling app, management can monitor these costs with accurate and real time data. The app simplifies this process by automatically collecting and saving metrics regarding labor. It then translates it into insightful trends, which restaurant operators can use to strategize.

7. Real Time Reporting

Scheduling apps can collect other data points, beyond labor costs. It can compile information about employee performance, sales, and profits. The mobile app can then transform these metrics into data visualizations and reports. With this, managers can digest key information about their operations. They can also share data reports with stakeholders and investors to promote visibility.

8. Overtime Control

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Overtime is costly for restaurants, as operators have to increase paychecks for staff that worked more than 40 hours. These expenses can quickly drive labor costs up and significantly impact profit margins. Management can avoid this by using the overtime control feature in scheduling apps. The system will alert users when a team member is overbooked and suggest other staff who can work more shifts.

9. Communication Tools

Common team communication tools entail messaging, live chat, and announcement dashboards. Users can create an individual or group chat to share concerns or information. Executives can use the announcement feature to relay important company news or restaurant schedule changes. This ensures that all staff is aware of adjustments and boosts employee engagement.

10. Alerts and Notifications

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Schedule apps will enable users to customize their own alerts and notifications. For example, employees can set up shift reminders for upcoming workdays. This will boost employee accountability, in turn reducing tardiness and absenteeism.

Key Takeaways to a Restaurant Scheduling App

  • Restaurants are constantly pressed on time; therefore, they need an employee scheduling shift app.
  • These mobile apps automate the process of scheduling employees and ensure all work schedules are based on employee availability.
  • The most common features for scheduling apps include time tracking, data reporting, and communication.
  • By adopting the best restaurant scheduling app, operators can effectively save time and reduce labor costs, as they schedule employees.

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