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8 of the Best Restaurant Software for 2021

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Restaurant Software

Many restaurants are currently undergoing a digital transformation in 2021 to stay competitive in the digital era. In fact, more than 80% of restaurants are using technology systems in their operations, such as reservation and inventory apps. By utilizing these solutions, the business can improve its operational efficiency and success. Additionally, the tools help streamline restaurant tasks and ensure a seamless workflow.

8 Best Restaurant Software for 2021

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In today's technological world, there are many different software systems that restaurant businesses can leverage. To ensure that an establishment is using the right tools, managers must assess their operations, functions, and goals. By understanding what the business needs, the restaurant can be equipped with useful and profitable tools.

For many restaurants, the necessary tools will be similar. The following are some of the best software solutions that eateries of all sizes should consider.

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1. POS Software

Point-of-sale, or POS, software refers to a system that processes customer orders, transactions, and payments. Many modern POS software will have advanced features, such as secured payment processing, chip readers, and information protection. They also have reporting capabilities, in which it compiles key sales and customer data to create insightful reports. Generally, point-of-sale systems can be integrated with other restaurant management platforms, such as employee or inventory management software.

2. Accounting Software

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Some restaurants, such as franchises, may outsource their accounting responsibilities to third-party companies and consultants. This may help with organization if the restaurant manages a lot of employees and locations. However, establishments of all sizes can use online accounting solutions. These software systems enable managers to monitor all their revenue, food costs, payroll, sales, and vendor payments on one interface.

It is recommended to install accounting software that is compatible with the restaurant's POS system and all other management solutions. This will ensure accurate and consistent data collection. It will also help automate reporting processes and enable users to have real-time information. With this, businesses can track their financial stability and make quick decisions to protect their bottom line.

3. Payroll Software

Payroll software will streamline the employee compensation process, which is a procedure that normally takes up a great amount of time for managers. These solutions will automatically track the hours that an employee worked and calculate their pay for a given period. Payroll tools will also distribute pay via check or direct deposit. This guarantees that staff is paid fairly and consistently.

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4. Workforce Scheduling Software

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Restaurants should use employee scheduling software to simplify the scheduling process. These solutions can help managers avoid scheduling conflicts and prevent over-staffing and under-staffing shifts. Many software systems will also provide reports and data regarding labor budgets. Managers can then use this information to strategize ways to reduce labor costs.

Additionally, employee scheduling software can help businesses improve their staff's accountability, as well as retention and engagement. This is because the tool enables employees to have more control over their schedules. For example, they can access their schedule, request time off, and swap shifts from their own personal device.

5. Table and Floor Plan Management Software

A floor plan and table management system enables restaurant owners to effectively oversee their guests' tables in real-time. For example, they can gauge how long diners have been at their tables and when to seat customers. Managers can also see where to serve guests and which tables need to be cleaned. By understanding what is happening on the floor, servers can ensure quick and thorough customer service. Subsequently, dining guests will have an enjoyable and seamless experience at the restaurant.

6. Inventory Management and Ordering Software

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Inventory management software will help streamline stock counts and ensure that ingredients are kept at optimal levels. This will prevent stock-outs and overstocks at the restaurant, which would have resulted in lost sales, extra spending, and food waste. Additionally, ordering software will notify managers of low inventory levels and automate the replenishment process. These tools will also generate data reports about food costs, revenue, and sales, which will help streamline bookkeeping.

7. Online Ordering and Delivery Apps

Online food ordering and delivery apps are becoming increasingly popular. According to statistics, 60% of consumers in the United States order delivery or takeout once a week. Additionally, 31% state that they spend at least $50 per order when purchasing food online. To meet this growing demand, restaurants need to have online ordering capabilities or partner with a third-party delivery company.

With the right platform, restaurants can boost sales and cut down labor costs, since there will be less need for servers. It will also reduce order inaccuracy because customers can input their orders directly to the restaurant. Eateries can further leverage these tools by collecting customer information. This enables the brand to learn more about their diners' preferences and purchasing history. These details are important for marketing and advertising campaigns.

8. Customer Loyalty Software

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Having customer loyalty programs and deals will drive more diners to frequent a business. Restaurants can manage these programs with dedicated software systems. Generally, these solutions are customizable based on an establishment's goals and needs. For example, eateries can set up a VIP program or points system. Compared to traditional paper punch cards, customers can access their loyalty accounts online and track their progress.

Key Takeaways to Restaurant Software

  • The restaurant industry is going through a digital transformation as new demands and technology are being cultivated.
  • To stay ahead of the competition, many restaurant businesses are implementing software systems.
  • These tools will also help streamline specific restaurant tasks and improve operational efficiency.
  • Some of the best restaurant software that management teams should consider implementing into their business includes inventory and ordering software. Typically, modern systems can be integrated together to enhance overall restaurant management.

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