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The Ultimate Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

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Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

A Complete Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Any employee that works in a restaurant kitchen knows how labor intensive the kitchen cleaning process is. Although restaurant cleaning processes are time and energy consuming they are absolutely essential for food safety. There are various daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning requirements to recognize and complete. From back house grease traps to front house ice machine dispensers, there are so many different kitchen cleaning considerations.

With so much to consider simultaneously, a cleaning schedule and cleaning checklist are crucial. A cleaning checklist and cleaning schedule helps employees avoid repeating or overlooking tasks. Thankfully, there are cleaning schedule templates and cleaning checklist tips available for restaurant kitchen professionals to utilize.

1. Shift

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There are certain restaurant cleaning requirements necessary for each shift worked. In fact, these restaurant kitchen cleaning tasks are so commonplace, many employees already perform them automatically. Crucial cleaning tasks include back of house cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

Deep cleaning is not always an option during a busy shift. However, employees must make sure to sanitize surfaces by wiping down line and prep areas. Switching cutting boards is an important cleaning checklist entry. When employees make sure cutting boards are cleaned and used properly, food safety hazards are minimized. Similarly, employees must make sure to brush the grill between cooking different types of food. Different food types that necessitate grill brushing include poultry, fish, and red meat.

Restaurant kitchen employees must make sure to sanitizing water is changed during each shift. Commercial kitchen cleaning rags should also be changed throughout shifts worked. Restaurant kitchen employees generally subconsciously empty trash cans as well throughout their shifts.

There are also specific cleaning tasks to perform at the end of each shift. Deep cleaning floor mats and continuing to sanitize surfaces will maintain food safety standards. After each shift, whoever is assigned with the task to mop floors must make sure not to miss important areas. Designated employees must make sure to mop floors in both the front house and back house area. A cleaning schedule maps out cleaning tasks delegated to breakfast, lunch, and dinner shift workers. Deep cleaning of cooking equipment and kitchen equipment helps make sure the next shift is set up for success.

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2. Daily

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Daily cleaning tasks range from vent hoods to grease traps washed. Night porters are everyday restaurant kitchen cleaners that are experts in daily cleaning tasks. A night porter is a great investment to make sure that a restaurant kitchen is up to standards.

With so many cleaning tasks performed throughout and after shifts, daily cleaning tasks are kept under control. Daily cleaning tasks are usually more thorough, detailed, and deep cleaning focal. For example, when employees clean grease traps out they must make sure to thoroughly empty grease traps. A daily cleaning checklist advises foil linings of ranges, flattops, and grills are changed. Kitchen supplies like can openers must be cleaned as per daily cleaning checklist requirements. Finally, vent hood filters should be run through the dishwasher.

3. Weekly

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Weekly cleaning tasks range from oiling cast iron cooking equipment to floor drains cleared. All reach in coolers should be emptied for deep cleaning taking care to sanitize surfaces thoroughly. Weekly cleaning tasks include ice machine and coffee machine deep cleaning as well.

Some kitchen equipment and cooking equipment necessitates particular deep cleaning practices. For example, cooking equipment that is cast iron must be oiled to satisfy weekly cleaning checklist requirements. Kitchen equipment like knives should also be sharpened carefully. Deep cleaning floor drains as per weekly cleaning checklist requirements necessitates specific drain cleaners used.

4. Monthly

Monthly cleaning tasks range from pest control to cooking equipment calibration. Similar to weekly cleaning tasks, monthly cleaning tasks should not always fall on a single shift. This is where a cleaning schedule and cleaning checklist are especially crucial.

Deep cleaning back house kitchen equipment includes washing behind appliances. When kitchen equipment areas are thoroughly cleaned, fire hazards decrease. Monthly cleaning tasks include calibration of ovens and thermometers. Pest control responsibilities like changing out pest traps should also be accomplished. Staff should make sure to santize surfaces like walls and ceilings as part of their monthly cleaning checklist.

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Key Takeaways for Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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  • There are daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks that all restaurant kitchen employees should be aware of.
  • From pest control to grease traps emptied, a cleaning checklist and cleaning schedule are critical.

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