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Why Every Small Business Should Have Scheduling Software

why every small business should have scheduling software
Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

Clear Benefits to Using Scheduling Software in Small Business

Online appointment scheduling software is a tool that allows clients the ability to schedule appointments through a web based portal. Some online appointment scheduling software is more focused on mobile apps while others are more focused on a booking page or scheduling platform accessed via a company's website.

Previously, small businesses kept track of customer appointments with a client book or customer book through handwritten annotated entries. Not too long ago, scheduling tools like Google Calendar or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets began gaining more traction.

However, small businesses their business owners often overlook the benefits of investing in a specialized scheduling software solution. Especially for small business owners, appointment scheduling software can make the difference between an organization barely getting by or thriving.

Prominent benefits of investing in scheduling software for small businesses include-

1. 24/7 Availability

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No matter how involved business owners are in their small business operations it is not realistic for them to be available 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Especially considering the amount of energy and time that most small business owners commit to their everyday operations, scheduling software is a worthy investment.

Case studies show that 35% of clients prefer to schedule appointments outside of traditional 9-5 business hours. In fact, 40% of online appointment bookings occur outside of traditional 9-5 work hours.

Providing clients with the ability to book appointments in real time avoids them defaulting to service providers that are more accessible. Small businesses can gain a competitive edge by supplying an online scheduling tool that is convenient for the client's schedule.

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2. Resource Allocation

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Business owners know that time is one of the most important resources that their company has. In fact, studies show that 60% of small business owners wish that they had more time available.

Studies also show that 39% of small business owners report that paperwork is their biggest waste of time. Processes like employee scheduling and appointment management are notorious for their wastefulness of paper and time, instead of a proper software solution being utilized.

As such, business owners should heavily consider investing in online booking solutions that will not only reduce paper wastefulness but will also save a lot of time. A small business that has switched to management software programs can boast to clients about their environmentally conscious initiatives.

With more clients interested in the ethics of businesses than ever before, a small business owner that is proactively environmentally conscious can gain a valuable competitive advantage. One way to let both existing and potential clients know about environmental initiatives is to post on social media about any new online based appointment scheduling software or management software programs implemented.

In this way, the best appointment scheduling software can not only optimize resource allocation but also serve as a complementary marketing tool.

3. Easy Use Capabilities

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Outdated processes for booking appointments waste a lot of time for both clients and businesses. Understanding where time is wasted throughout the appointment booking process may convince even the most old fashioned business owners to invest in appointment scheduling software.

Previously, a potential client would need to contact a business directly via a phone call. To accomplish this required business owners or staff to be available in real time to take the call or else a client would need to leave a voicemail.

If the client and business were able to find a mutually agreeable time slot, then the small business also must figure out how to remind the client about their upcoming appointment. This may require multiple emails or phone calls which waste even more time.

With an online appointment scheduling software, a client can make an appointment from a mobile app or scheduling platform in real time without needing to speak to a small business owner or representative. Easy use abilities provided by a scheduling solution also incorporate automated appointment reminders including client email reminders or texts.

Additionally, an easy use scheduling solution that is cloud based avoids human error. Human error that occurs during appointment management ranges from double booking appointment slots to incorrect credit card deposit information entered.

Businesses also benefit from easy use capabilities such as automatic syncing with business calendars, whether a small business uses a Google Calendar or other calendar program. Not only do these features avoid missed appointments for clients, but also avoid a business owner forgetting to add appointments to their own business calendar.

4. Free Trials

For small businesses that are still unsure about investing in a scheduling software solution, there are many free plan trials available. Software service providers not only have outstanding customer support representatives, but some even have live chat availability.

Finding the best appointment scheduling software for a specific small business is not an easy task. However, trying out a free version of paid plans can help a small business decide which features included are the most important.

The best appointment scheduling software should supply easy use capabilities and ideally be readily expandable should business operations grow in the future. For small businesses with preexisting management software installed, it is well worth the time to investigate which programs integrate seamlessly with one another to make the whole office more efficient.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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  • Scheduling software supplies small businesses with many noteworthy benefits when compared to outdated scheduling processes.
  • Significant benefits of scheduling software for small businesses range from real time cloud based accessibility to better resource allocation.

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