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5 Beneficial Reasons to Use Medical Scheduling Software

5 beneficial reasons to use medical scheduling software
Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

5 Benefits of Medical Scheduling Software

Practice management software is widely recognized for its ability to optimize overall patient experience and medical practice efficiency. One of the most valuable elements contained within practice management systems is medical scheduling software.

Medical scheduling software automates the core tasks that occur throughout the patient scheduling process. Medical scheduling software automates tasks ranging from patient appointment reminders to medical billing updates.

5 significant benefits of utilizing medical scheduling software include-

1. Timeliness

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Medical scheduling software saves time in various different ways. The most obvious time saving benefit of patient scheduling software is the act of appointment scheduling itself.

Previously, a patient would need to call in to make a medical appointment with a medical office staff member. Then, the front office staff member and the patient would need to find a mutually agreeable appointment time.

Online appointment booking capabilities allow a patient to schedule appointments both in real time and simply. Two additional prominent ways that scheduling software saves time are by the reduction of wait times and no shows.

A common patient experience complaint is that wait times at medical practices are much too long. A patient scheduling system avoids long wait times by eliminating the need for a queue.

Studies have shown that patient scheduling software can decrease no shows by 40%. Less no shows save the entire medical office time, from front office secretaries to mental health specialists waiting for a patient who will not ultimately show up for their scheduled appointment.

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2. Accessibility

Best practices of practice management center on accessibility. With medical scheduling software, medical office staff, practitioners, and patients can view online appointment information from virtually anywhere with internet access.

A cloud based patient scheduling software program makes it easy for all staff members at a medical practice to see their schedules whether or not they are physically present in the office. For practitioners that commonly travel between locations such as mental health professionals, this capability is especially useful.

The patient portal is a self service scheduling system tool where patients can see their own upcoming and past appointments. Additionally, the patient portal can hold medical appointment information such as lab results or medical imaging.

Providing patients with the ability to book appointments in real time outside of traditional 9-5 work hours significantly improves overall accessibility. A patient can directly search for the type of service they need, such as a mental health professional or family care physician, and see a list of qualified providers.

The option to access appointment scheduling software outside of traditional work hours is particularly beneficial for last minute appointment schedule changes or requests.

3. Consolidation

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Medical scheduling software programs are powerful tools that host excellent consolidation abilities. Patient information ranging from electronic medical records to medical billing information can be stored in one centralized location.

While many of the terms utilized to describe electronic records may sound similar, they are actually significantly different. For example, electronic medical records and electronic health records may be incorrectly used interchangeably by someone who is not familiar with the specific terms.

An electronic medical record is the digital version of paper charts for a specific client generally collected at the location it is held at while electronic health records are broader views of a patient's entire medical history. With EHR software intergration, a more comprehensive view of a patient's health records are available, which can make a huge difference in patient care capabilities.

Instead of a patient having the responsibility of collecting and differentiating between different medical and health records, the management software keeps everyone involved in the patient's care organized and informed. This function is particularly valuable for patients that have received care at many different facilities or for various separate health conditions.

A significant benefit of medical scheduling software is the real time update function it provides for insurance coverage and medical billing information. If a medical practice has other programs such as billing software or management software in place, selecting a compatible medical scheduling software is highly recommended.

4. Convenience

The convenience that online booking supplies clients can significantly improve the patient experience overall. Cloud based scheduling software was specifically created to combat the most common medical appointment scheduling issues.

Patient engagement and patient experience are two top concerns for medical practices both in the United States and abroad. Medical scheduling software decreases the need for back and forth phone communications between the front office and the patient, avoiding excessive phone wait times and unnecessary callbacks.

Both long wait times and the inability to get ahold of a medical practice representative are common complaints from medical practice patients. However, these commonplace patient experience issues impact beyond solely the medical patients themselves.

For example, instead of medical practice front office staff members needing to send multiple patient appointment reminders via email or phone call, the scheduling software can automate the responsibility.

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5. Savings

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Different types of software programs can save a medical practice a lot of money in labor costs. Too often, front office staff members find themselves working overtime to try and balance out schedules or make patient appointment reminder phone calls.

In these situations, scheduling software would avoid the need for front office workers to work overtime. Instead, those staff members could focus on interacting with patients directly and other important duties that are not easily automated.

Another all too common waste of employee time in a medical office is the need to shift through excessive paperwork to locate necessary documents. The web based patient platform provided by online booking software makes it easy to pull up information in real time.

As a result, medical office staff members can focus on their most important tasks, responsibilities, and functions. When medical staff can focus on patients directly instead of easily automated clerical duties, everyone involved benefits.


  • Medical scheduling software improves both office efficiency and the patient experience overall.
  • Benefits include software patient self service portals and wait times significantly reduced.

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