How can Zip Schedules help the companies attending Western Food Show?

Western Food Show is known for bringing the most influential leaders in the industry together to showcase their latest evolutionary advancements, as well as educate newcomers on automation, and prove to all attendees why their hospitality solutions are the best in the business.

Only fitting, this is why Altametrics/Hubworks is continuously invited to such a grand event. As a preview, here are three solutions you can expect from our signature product, Zip Schedules.

1. Optimized Employee Scheduling

Attempting to plan our personal lives to perfection on a day-to-day basis can be quite a challenge; we also know that attempting to schedule a full employee roster each week is an even more arduous task.

The key factor in creating the best employee schedule is to utilize the resources that are available. Dedicated scheduling software, like Zip Schedules, has the capability to forecast the business’s future workflow and foot traffic accurately, making recommendations as to how many employees should work during all hours of operation.

This includes morning through evening shifts, weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Inefficient scheduling will no longer be an issue either.

Other game-changing features include:

  • Automating the scheduling process
  • Anticipating shifts with higher foot traffic
  • Preventing overscheduling from occurring
  • Preventing under scheduling from occurring
  • Preventing double-scheduling for the same shift from occurring
  • Preventing unnecessary overtime from occurring
  • Abiding by state labor laws
  • Logging the most up-to-date employee availability, while also preventing scheduling employees for shifts that do not coincide with their availability
  • Time clock integration, to track time and attendance
  • Tracking of vacation, sick and other leave time
  • Assigning task management
  • Optimizing staff allocation
  • Employee utilities (shift trading functions, time off requests, etc.)
  • Payroll integration

Rather than accepting the mental burden that comes from manual scheduling and inadequate software “solutions,” allow Zip Schedules to fully optimize your business’s employee schedule.

2. Mass Reduction in Labor Costs

Reduce labor costs: the Achilles Heel that damages even the most successful of businesses. This silent killer is most damaging because employee hours are typically difficult to track in real-time, so if an employee is working an excess of hours, he/she now qualifies for overtime pay – adding up to thousands paid out annually when left unnoticed.

Even more daunting are the lawsuits and fines that amass when labor laws and regulations aren’t upheld to the fullest degree due to overlooked errors in scheduling minors.

In order to avoid such costly circumstances, turn to automation. With Zip Schedules, you can reduce labor costs and ensure safe scheduling security. Time taken to create schedules will be streamline for your business.

western food show reducelaborcosts 2

Prevent Over scheduling

This can have a considerably negative impact on finances, because when overstaffed and not generating enough revenue for the day, each hourly wage still has to be paid out. That means taking money away from other days’ profits.

Overscheduling can also result in scheduled shifts being cut. If consistent enough, the company will be deemed unreliable by its employees, leading to turnover.

Zip Schedules accurately forecasts the daily sales plan and correlates that amount with the most appropriate number of employees needed to work during each shift for the day, preventing overscheduling from occurring.

Prevent Under scheduling

In relation to overscheduling, understaffing is just as big and expensive of a problem. When there are not enough employees to assist customers, the quality of service is affected, leading to unsatisfied and potentially non-returning customers.

This too leads to high turnover, as staff members will eventually feel burnt out and overworked. However, with the proper forecasting software, like Zip Schedules’, under scheduling can also be avoided.

western food show employeeproductivity 3

Instill Accountability in Your Team

Automated scheduling features, like app push notifications, inform all employees when a new schedule goes live and if any changes or updates have been applied.

This convenient function ensures that all team members are always aware of the current schedule, leading to fewer no-shows, matured accountability, and the advertence of scrambling to find last-minute replacements for no-shows.

The Zip Schedules app also offers a messaging feature that can be utilized between team members, making it easier to communicate and find replacements if need be.

3. Enhanced Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity goes beyond getting more done at an accelerated rate. When broken down, enhanced productivity also cuts labor costs and increases profitability – the two components that are pivotal in a business’s success.

Employee scheduling plays a key role in attaining optimum productivity. This is based on two schools of thought: the more obvious being that your more valuable team members work harder, while the second consideration is that hard work is contagious. When surrounded by individuals that consistently strive to put out their best effort, their peers observe this and mirror that effort.

It’s also beneficial to schedule standout employees with newcomers. This helps with the training process.

When creating a schedule, it becomes apparent that some of the staff work best with certain co-workers, and continue to schedule them during the same shifts. Zip Schedules makes it easy to save previously created schedules as reusable templates and recycle them into the following weeks. This cuts down on time dedicated to schedule creation and ensures that your team is working in productive pairings.