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Reduce employee absenteeism

Keep your employees accountable to their work schedules by making it accessible to them with the mobile app. Send published schedules and updates instantly so your employees are always up to date on the latest changes. Simple availability changes make it easy to work with their schedules and reduce employee no-shows.

reduce employee absenteeism

Multi-platform accessibility

Whether you are at your computer or you are remote and access the application from your phone, Zip Schedules can help you achieve your scheduling goals from anywhere, anytime. The mobile and web application lets your employees connect with their managers and their schedules without having to physically come into the office.

Streamline your work schedule

Create schedules that adequately staffs your business and prevents you from over- or under-scheduling with our labor forecasting tool. The scheduler will notify you when you have scheduled too many shifts and when you have not scheduled enough. Spend less time worrying about how to schedule your employees when you have all the resources you need in one place. Rather than making scheduling a task that takes up an egregious amount of time in your work schedule, let our solution make it simple and allow the schedule to be created for you.

streamline the work schedule
employee schedules with ease

Handle employee schedules with ease

Leave your long hours of creating and editing schedules to meet each employee’s availability in the past. Easily copy the previous week’s schedule, make quick edits as needed, create custom common shifts, or start from scratch entirely to complete scheduling that works for you and your business. If an employee comes to you with an issue with one of their shifts, easily see which other employees would be available to fill the shift or even trade, quickly resolving the issue.

Track labor budgets

Cut back on labor and wage pay by utilizing our labor tracking and forecasting tools. Make smart scheduling decisions by analyzing the trends from the forecasting and projected sales data. Easily meet your labor budget goals and save money and time to make your business experience better.

track labor budgets

Improve employee accountability

See employees’ real-time availability and requests to prevent scheduling conflicts. Share updates and notify your employees of changes to encourage accountability for themselves. Reports and data tracking will show trends so managers can address issues when they arise.

Mobile On The Go | Easy To Use

Employee Communication

Employees can access their schedules, request time off and availability changes and time off, and swap shifts right from their mobile phones so they never have to ask when they work.

zip schedules mobile features background

Manager Communication

Improve communication with your employees so they are aware of schedule updates and ensure they never miss a shift.

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