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3 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Collaboration Software

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Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

3 Reasons Why Restaurants Need Collaboration Software

Every restaurant and small business should invest in and implement collaboration software and collaboration tools. The best online collaboration software and collaboration tool may require a high initial investment. There also may be some ongoing costs including fees per month or per user in addition to maintenance. However, the cost of not investing in and implementing the best collaboration software and management tools is much greater. Research supplies insight regarding high hidden costs associated with not investing in and implementing management tools or software.

Various cloud based and online collaboration tools offer a free version with limited collaboration features available. For example, Google Drive or Microsoft Teams tools help many team members across the country already. However, a specifically designed collaboration platform may be a better option. From increased productivity to decreased team member turnover rates, there are many benefits a collaboration platform offers. Common benefits that collaboration software and collaboration tools supply businesses include-

1. Reduced Turnover

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The best online collaboration software is well known for its impacts on employee turnover rates. Although employee turnover rates are already high for small businesses across the country, restaurants are even more insidious. In fact, from 2015-2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated restaurant employee turnover rates reached almost 82%!

Some experts suspect that the restaurant employee turnover rate is actually much higher than the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate. In some cases, industry experts calculate that the restaurant employee turnover rate is over 100%. These high turnover rates are especially prevalent in particular restaurant industry types such as fast food establishments.

Employee turnover costs are a very real threat to bottom line profitability and business productivity. However, employee turnover is often accompanied by even more harmful consequences. For example, employee disengagement is commonplace in a small business or restaurant where turnover rates are high. Employee disengagement alone is estimated to cost $550 billion each year. That $550 billion could be much better invested in growing or developing business operations. As such, business owners are quickly realizing why collaboration tools are well worth the investment.

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2. Streamlined Communication

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Great communication is essential to any successful business operation and restaurant businesses are no exception. Restaurants are known for their fast paced atmosphere which can make communication challenging, to say the least. There are back of house team members like chefs and front of house team members like customer support representatives. Some restaurants even have third party team members ranging from project management to social media professionals to consider.

Instead of team members playing catch up on updates, the best team collaboration tools streamline communication. Real time updates supply team members and third party parties with the information they need. Real time information easily available helps teams work together most efficiently. The best online collaboration tools can host everything from video calls to file sharing and file storage capabilities. This allows users on remote teams and onsite at a small business to work together best.

Remote teams are becoming more popular than ever before. Excellent team communication is essential to team collaboration in an increasingly remote world. A centralized online collaboration platform can support everything from mobile app time tracking to cloud based Google Calendar syncing. Social media features video calls and instant messaging even further help teams work together well. Implementing the best online collaboration tools is wise for both remote teams and hybrid teams in the restaurant industry.

3. Increased Visibility

The best online collaboration tools provide team members with exceptional visibility. The best collaboration software and tools allow users to see in one place all tasks. With one click users can see which tasks are upcoming, in progress, and completed.

The best online collaboration tool and management software program helps teams to maintain excellent visibility. Increased visibility promotes increased team member accountability and overall boosted productivity. In fact, collaboration tools boost productivity levels for both small businesses and large restaurant businesses. When project management professionals or small business owners encourage employees to work together both performance and productivity are positively impacted. Easy use integrated workflows and real timecollaboration tools make sure team members have all tools needed for maximum productivity.

Team collaboration tools help restaurant team members understand which tasks they are personally responsible for. Team members can work together in real time and manage projects on everything from Google Docs to social media platforms. Alternatively, a collaboration softwareproject management tool allows team members to access information in one place and in real time. As such, the best collaboration platform is a task management and project management must have for restaurant businesses.

Key Takeaways for Collaboration Software

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  • Collaboration software is an outstanding tool for small businesses and large restaurant businesses.
  • Benefits that collaboration software offers range from increased visibility to optimized communication.

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