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Why You Need Free Employee Scheduling Software to Replace Excel

Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco

The Task at Hand

In today's technologically advancing world, an increased amount of software-assisting tools continue to develop. In order to improve business in the restaurant industry, free employee scheduling software is now readily available.

Staffing is an integral part to scheduling, and with each employee's limited availability, it is vital to plan accordingly. That's why you need a dynamic solution for employee scheduling.

Even though Excel was once a great tool for creating schedules, it's now proven to be drastically slower than free employee scheduling software. The main problem is that Excel doesn't send notifications, so managers have to call employees to inform them of any changes to the schedule.

Different employees have different needs and obligations so shifts are rarely a fixed deal. In fact, shifts often change quickly when a staff member needs to go to a doctor or wants a personal day to see family. In these cases, managers are working full-throttle to inform employees of last-minute decisions to cover a shift. This often results in unhappy managers and unhappy employees.

Managers spend approximately 25% of their time working on an employee schedule and dealing with schedule issues each week.

Assuming a manager's workweek is approximately 50 hours, this means that a manager is spending 12.5 hours per week on just scheduling. That's a lot of time to spend doing one thing.

But that doesn't have to be true for every restaurant. Scheduling doesn't have to feel like running an errand. Free employee scheduling software is an easy and cheap solution.

Here are 4 reasons why you should start using employee scheduling software

1. Stronger Communication

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The main problem that the workforce faces is lack of communication. Excel can only worsen this problem, because it does not offer a communication feature. It can make the employees feel like they don't count, like they're not important. The top 5 reasons why employees are unhappy are directly related to a lack of communication.

People showing up to work when they are not scheduled is a prime example of this. But this isn't the biggest problem. When staff members start feeling like they're not important or like they don't belong, that's a real problem. This can happen fast if a manager is getting a lot of requests, but hasn't had the time to update the Excel sheet or notify all the staff members about it.

When using scheduling software, most of the communication barriers are diminished and the staff members are automatically more satisfied with their work. This connectivity that a free employee scheduling software provides also lets a staff member easily notify that they can't make it to their shift through live messaging.

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2. Always Up to Date

Excel sheets aren't made for this sort of thing. Updates made to an excel file means that the file will need to be sent out to all employees once again.

This runs the risk of some employees not seeing the new file and coming to work as previously scheduled. But even if they see it Who's to say that it's the final version?

This is the prime reason why cloud solutions are taking over restaurants. Even if you're using free employee scheduling software, you're eliminating these risks and ensuring that there's only one version of the data the latest version.

The moment you update the employee schedule, the employees whose shift just changed will be alerted of the changes. Sometimes workers are tired of constant shift changes and they pretend to not know that they were supposed to come to work in order to take a day off.

But this can't happen now because they're getting auto-notified on their phone by a free app. You can also take and approve vacation or off-day requests easily, and auto-notify your staff members.

3. Simplifies the Payroll Process

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Due to constantly changing shifts and employee swapping, payroll can become quite a big pain in the neck.

Payroll is also unforgiving, so the slightest mistake made means you have to go through the process all over again, or even worse pay your employees inaccurately. If one or more employees are paid incorrectly, it can cause chaos in your workspace with employees resorting to other measures to get paid equally.

Free employee scheduling software eliminates these issues and frees up time by automating payroll and removing human error from the equation.

Nobody likes seeing angry employees. The owners, managers and even customers can suffer at the hands of angry employees. Angry or sad faces don't attract many customers.

By syncing the worked hours with accurate pay numbers, software automation can make this process much easier. Various scheduling software tools come with payroll integrations such as direct payroll export or time and attendance logging. This eliminates human error and eliminates the headaches that come with creating a payroll.

4. Saves Time

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While Excel is a great way to manage and organize data with formulas and multiple sheets, it's still no match for software specifically created for scheduling. When using Excel, there's no way to automate employee scheduling.

Scheduling software can do this with almost no effort on the manager's side. This creates an efficient and time-saving method of creating a schedule and this also means you'll have more time to spend on more important things.

If you're not using employee scheduling software, you're making life harder on each and every one of your employees.

It's important to find the latest tools and suggest them, so you can start implementing them in the restaurant to create an efficient and happy working environment. There's obviously going to be a transitioning process while switching from Excel to an automated employee scheduling software, but once it happens you'll never want to work with Excel again.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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