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Using an Online Schedule Planner as a Work Hack for Your Restaurant

Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco

Understanding the Importance of Employee Scheduling

In a fast-paced world such as ours, every business owner must be aware that there are key factors that are paramount in a business's success

  • Speedy delivery of services to customers
  • Efficient management of personnel
  • Efficient management of resources such as money and time
Regardless of the type of hospitality business your company is centered around, whether it is fine dining, bar/nightlife, or even a fast-food restaurant, it requires efficient management to maintain success and drive significant progress.

This, without a doubt, can be quite taxing, but with proper employee scheduling, you can improve your business practices.

Scheduling is planning and establishing set times indicating when employees are to work and when specific tasks are to be worked on and completed.

You can think of a schedule as a guide that helps direct all your work activities by comprising a list of all there is to do with the times allotted in a day for each task.

All scheduled employees (full-time, part-time, on-call, etc.) are directed and should be informed of what their specified task is, along with the expectations that are expected from them.

You can easily track the progress and measures of achievement for daily employee goals, all of which equate to productivity, which will also be determined and identified. It is a very practical way of facilitating efficient workplace management.

What's In It for You

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Organization is of great importance to the achievement of business goals. Your effectiveness, if you are in the restaurant business niche, is largely dependent on your organizational skills. Organization only comes when each individual knows what they are to do and just how long they are to spend executing their tasks. Here are the perks that come with effective scheduling

1. Stress Reduction - When scheduling is not set in place, your employees are constantly in a state of stress, worrying about if they are or are not to work that week, disallowing them to make plans outside of work.

In addition, if a schedule is not set ahead of time, you run the risk of being underscheduled due to employees not showing up for shifts they were unaware of. This, in turn, has a negative impact on productivity.

This puts staff members on edge and can affect customer relations and customer service, as a result of employee burnout. Once a company's customer service starts to decrease in quality, there will be a major downsize in clientele. Without scheduling of activities in place, you will start to lose the order in maintaining the internal activities of your restaurant and again leading to a loss in clientele.

2. Organized Prioritization - Scheduling is also another way of preventing procrastination, which would otherwise add to the stress of work duties.

As a restaurant owner, appearance and upkeep are vital. You would not want an incoming customer being met by leftover food debris from a previous meal left on the table because it was not cleaned up in a quick fashion by your employees.

Scheduling informs the employee of responsibilities as well as the time for these activities. It makes sure that no one is caught off-guard because they were unaware of their responsibilities.

Scheduling ensures that everyone is doing the right thing at the right time because employees are informed about the timing of their tasks and when they are to be completed.

For every organization, there are basic tasks and activities that if left uncompleted could cripple the business long-term.

Depending on your location and hours of operation, scheduling apps will assist in ranking the levels of importance for activities in the restaurant. By prioritizing your tasks, it will become clear where your restaurant's areas of strengths and weaknesses are and highlight where you can improve.

With an online schedule planner, all of your employees will be aware of the necessary tasks that are important for the smooth running of your restaurant.

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3. Creates Progress With an online schedule planner, you can easily track what tasks have and have not been done as the day goes on. It informs you of what is left to be done and can work as a guide for future reference by presenting estimates of how long it previously took to complete past projects, so you will know how long to schedule that project in the future.

With scheduling apps, you can also track when breaks are scheduled and when they are actually taken, when employees are scheduled to begin and end their workday, and project assignments. It will also have a recording of employees who have already worked that day and the employees who are scheduled to work upcoming hours.

Why You Should Use an Online Schedule Planner

1. Feedback - online schedule planners offer a unique feature of feedback to schedules ranging from acknowledgment to comments on tasks given and activities completed.

Employees can assess varying instructions and can also leave comments or notes for an assigned activity. Communication is made simply accessible and efficient.

2. Tracking - with access to the internet, online schedule planners make sure that you are aware of all of the activities going on in your restaurant, even if you may not physically be present.

Even when you are in other parts of the world sealing business deals and advancing your restaurant through other means, you can track and still plan duties for employees.

Now that you know what scheduling is and the power it wields, evolve your practices by using an online schedule planner.

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