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Tips & Tools to Follow for Successful Employee Scheduling

Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Employee scheduling can be a double-edged sword. While proper scheduling can be key to a successful business, poor scheduling can cause irreparable damages. Here are some tips to follow to aid you in effective employee scheduling.

Before starting, it's important to understand the purpose of creating a strong scheduling system. It is not for the mere purpose of checking one more box off your to-do list.

A work schedule can be a very powerful tool in handling employee resources. It is a calendar with the name and shift times of each employee listed to work during a specific time period.

Why Successful Businesses Use Weekly Schedule Templates

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Utilizing a weekly work schedule template is quick and easy, as it can be used to create a practical and hassle-free scheduling system. Employers generally prefer to use weekly work schedule templates to make all of their employees' weekly schedules in a simple and efficient manner.

The differences a good work schedule can make include

  • It will ensure proper customer service
  • It will ensure profitability and avoid to pay for extra labor hours
  • It will secure high employee satisfaction
  • It will help to meet all the applicable labor laws
  • It will help to manage project workflow and avoid all conflicts

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How to Make an Effective Work Schedule Template

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A good workforce management tool can be an easy solution. You can use built-in weekly work schedule templates to make an error-free work schedule.

Here are some easy tips to follow in making a quick and practical work schedule

1. Use proper management systems to make a schedule
Good scheduling software will consider the time preferences to work of each employee. You can input all of that information into the employee profiles tool and update it from time-to-time as needed.

You can add a name, qualifications, skills, choice of schedule and any other relevant notes.

For example, you can use weekly work schedule templates to make a weekly work schedule with ease. You can also adjust schedules to avoid gaps between shifts or double shift problem.

Built-in templates will make this process quick and simple, and you can avoid any conflict as the system will alert you in advance.

2. Always make schedules in advance
Some employers do not want to make schedules in advance. Last-minute changes can happen at any time.

When an employee calls out due to emergency, other employees are often burdened, as they are summoned last minute to cover the newly available shift.

In fact, such schedules are one of the main reasons that account for lowering employee satisfaction and increase employee turnover.

A weekly work schedule should be released at least one to two weeks ahead of time. In this way, employees will have enough time to schedule their personal lives well in advance, leaving room to trade shifts if need be.

Strong scheduling software allows management to create a good work schedule, which can be adjusted when the time calls for it.

3. Honor your employee's preferences
An employee's wants and needs are an important part of scheduling. It will make employees happy and encourage them to perform at their best.

People working on the same project may want different schedules or two employees may be vying for the same shift because they prefer those hours.

First, gather everyone's availability and then input that data into your scheduling software. Later when you need to access that information, you can reference each employee's information regarding personal work preferences.

When it comes to scheduling conflicts of multiple employees wanting to work the same shift, the best solution is to take turns in allowing each employee to work the desired shift or shifts.

4. Build Shifts with innovation and exception
You should always innovate new ways to make the best schedule possible. Make sure that your best employee is working during your rush hours.

It may also be to your benefit to combine your best employees with new hires, as the newer employees can learn from your seasoned ones. Both will also improve their skills.

During slower times of the day, schedule fewer employees, so you can avoid paying an excess in extra labor costs and utilizing more hours when it's actually unnecessary.

5. Ensure access for easy shift trades
An online platform and message board can prevent no-shows and hold employees accountable for their preset shifts.

Some scheduling programs offer mobile apps that allow employees and management to communicate with each other from within the app. With this, employees will be able to manage their own shifts, then request management's approval to finalize the changes.

This is very important for employers who work with part-time employees, because they often take up most of the shifts spread throughout the day, and one missed shift can have a domino effect on the business.

6. Track and regulate employee absence s
No matter how perfect your weekly work schedule templates are, last-minute absences or other issues will naturally arise, and all that is in your control is to prepare accordingly.

If an employee cannot come in for a scheduled shift, make note of the occurrence in the application. In doing so, you are keeping a record of out of the ordinary circumstances, as well as tracking if that employee has a history of showing up to scheduled shifts.

Use the Best Software Available

Be it schedule making or anything else, the right tools will always assist in providing the best outcome.

With new and advanced technology readily available, why not give scheduling software that specializes in effecting employee schedule implementation a try?

Zip Schedules offers advanced features that produce the most practical and cost-effective schedules.

With a built-in weekly work schedule template, your work will become hassle-free.

Zip Schedules has a list of great features to offer

  • It saves time by setting up your schedules in a few minutes
  • It provides tracks of labor budget
  • It improves communication with your team
  • It allows access to your work schedules anytime
  • It provides conflict-free schedules

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