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The Best Online Scheduling App Your Business Needs to Succeed

the best online scheduling app your business needs to succeed
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco

What is an Online Scheduling App?

Technological innovations are growing at a fast pace, and virtually every sector of the prospering global economy is converting to the digitalization of work processes. With the use of scheduling software, you will find the necessary tools you need to attain a tremendous expansion of your business.

Breaking the concept down requires a brief explanation of the two concepts, "online, and scheduling.

By Online, we're looking at a broad network of computers that are facilitated and connected through the Internet. Scheduling is the assigning of a given timeframe to employees indicating when they are expected to work by management or someone in upper management.

Therefore, an online scheduling app is a dedicated software that allows businesses to manage their schedules over the internet. The online basis makes it easy for both the company and employees to have a hassle-free process in the setting up and accessing the given work schedules, respectively.

Business owners often find themselves at a crossroads when looking for the best online scheduling software on the market. The disparities in the functionalities of the available online booking software can sometimes be confusing.

To add some clarification, we will highlight the features you need to look for when selecting a scheduling application.

Automated Scheduling

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Business owners and upper management, or managers responsible for assigning shifts, have a tough job. Assigning shifts manually, with the potential to overlook what may appear to be an initial error, often result in bigger problems.

However, automated scheduling apps take employee scheduling software to the next level.

For instance, the automation comes in handy in the reduction of double scheduling or over scheduling employees for the same shift that does not require as much coverage.

Such situations often arise when an employee does not get an automated response notifying of a shift change or new schedule implementation.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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Personalized & Shareable Calendars

There's no denying that back-and-forth communication is one of the contributing factors to frustration in the restaurant industry. The use of telecommunications and electronic mails (emails) are now giving way to the personalization of employee scheduling.

In that instance, employees would have access to a personalized calendar that highlights their schedules, along with their tasks for the days. It's also possible to view the other employees' availability, especially when it has to do with grouped responsibilities and team projects.

Reminders & Alerts

Because shift times and days tend to vary from week-to-week in the restaurant industry, it is not uncommon for employees to occasionally forget about an assigned shift, or may not even be aware that they have been assigned to work a dedicated shift.

In that instance, the interval reminders from the scheduling application would keep them aware of the status of when they are to work next through emails and text messages.

Some apps even alert when a shift becomes available due to another coworker's no-show, or when a manager is trying to cover another employee's shift for specified reasons, like calling out due to sickness or an emergency.

Regardless, if there is a cancellation last-minute, real-time notifications can be sent to the entire team or to a specified employee whose schedule or availability would be pertinent to the circumstances.

Location Tracking

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As much as you may have tried to perfect your business environment for both your employees and of course your customers, there is still the lingering possibility that some staff members may be a cog in the wheel of your company's progress.

Think about when an employee is working offsite, for a catering event for example. How are you able to verify your employees are in fact on site? What is the guarentee that they showed up on time?

The perfect approach to give you some reassurane is through the use of an online schedule maker that also offers GPS functionality.

With this tool, you would have real-time notifications paired with specified locations for each employee and applied at your dispossal.

Aside from aiding the reduction of bypassed or overlooked assigned duties, location tracking also empowers you to send and receive messages from any of your employees.

So if things go awry, you can be certain of where each employee is and resolve the matter immediately.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

Choosing Online Scheduling Software

You needn't break a sweat when looking for the best online scheduling application for your business.

Zip Schedules comes with a variety of features, which are geared towards facilitating the setting up of your business' schedule weekly or monthly schedule.

The software and applications that come along with it are affordable and easy-to-use.

Above all, business owners that are looking at expanding their reach, increasing their customer retention, and automating their everyday transactions are pleased to have a suite of functionalities on Zip Schedules that make those quests possible. So, get yours today to enjoy full-scale automation.

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