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Restaurant Scheduling Software - Smartest Way to Boost Productivity

Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Managing employees can be challenging if you are a new business just getting starting out. There are a number of duties and responsibilities that you must carry out, one of which creating the weekly work schedule and assigning your employees accordingly.

The number of employees needed to make your restaurant run efficiently can vary day-to-day, hour-by-hour. This means that you may have to occasionally adjust an existing schedule to adhere to the given needs of the business.

Furthermore, because many restaurants are open 24/7, employees are needed during all times of the day mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

This is why it is imperative to incorporate the best scheduling software in your business functions. Online scheduling software will allow you to carry out any changes within the shortest time possible.

Restaurants benefit more from online scheduling software for several reasons. In this article, we will show you how technology upgrades will improve your business, as well as provide tips on choosing the best software.

Manual Scheduling Vs Software Scheduling

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Scheduling is meant to administer the available workforce to a designated work time to achieve business objectives.

In the early stages of building your business, you might be using the manual scheduling method, but as the business grows, you will be encouraged to switch to a stronger method of scheduling.
Here are the top benefits of scheduling software.

Provides Demand
Demand should be met with the customer in mind. Remember, you are looking for a way of responding to the rising demand for your goods or services, while at the same time making sure that you are empathetically meeting the emotional needs of your employees.

In the restaurant business, if you fail to meet the needs of either customers or employees -- or both, then they will leave. You do not want that to happen.

With the best scheduling products, you will avoid overworking your employees, while also ensuring you have enough coverage to provide exceptional customer service.

This will bring order to your business.

Improves Employees' Skills
Who is the most talented chef in your restaurant? Who is the most attentive waiter or waitress? Who is still learning?

Building personal relationships with the employees will help you come up with the most appropriate schedule, fitting to your employees' strengths.

In the restaurant business, it is all about playing up to each individual's strengths. Scheduling apps aid in helping you control the overall customer experience, by assigning employees according to their skill set.

Increases Employee Engagement
Research has shown that engaged employees within a company will lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Instead of focusing merely on getting work over with, you will benefit by focusing your attention on employee engagement.

Employees who feel they are in control of their work-life or at least have a say in it -- will be more productive than the ones who feel as if they are not.

Scheduling software ensures that no employee is overworked and that there is a fair distribution of the working hours dispersed amongst the whole staff.

Helpful Hint- You can also consult your employees to follow up and confirm if their availability will be changing or if they would like to update it. Doing this will show that you're taking into account the needs of the employees.

Legal Protection of Your Business
The best scheduling software will factor in the regional compliance laws and regulations, ensuring that your business is operating within the specified legal limitations and rules.

This will protect you against any potential lawsuits by former employees or any other entity.

Integration with Business Functions
There are currently many schedule programs offered on the market. Most of this software is integrated with daily business operations such as inventory management, skills management, shift management, availability of resources and many other dynamic factors.

By using the best scheduling software, you will be updated with the latest developments in your business, and these developments can be incorporated into the employee schedule.

There is a great disparity between manual scheduling of employees and software scheduling. As a restaurant business, you should begin investing in software scheduling as early as possible to promote the growth of your business.

By using the best scheduling software, you will be able to focus on other business activities, allowing you to generate greater income.

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Scheduling Software

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There are some key features to keep in mind to make sure that you are investing in the best scheduling software possible.

The best scheduling software should also come with a mobile application that is compatible with meeting your daily business tasks.

Before going out to buy said scheduling software, create a list of deliverables you would like to carry out when using the app.

Are you looking for a tool to set schedules, but also has the capability to later send reminders to employees that a new schedule has been created?

Do you require a tool that allows for employee interaction and offers in-app chat features?

If you have not considered such functionalities, or do not know the extent of the tools offered, request a demo or trial.

Choosing a cloud-based scheduling program means that you do not need to continuously download any large files.

In fact, all you need is link access to the data that you wish to view all of which should be protected with top-notch web security.

For a restaurant business, cloud-based management software will ensure that data can be easily accessed. You will also be able to know when you need more employees to meet the rising demand among other things.

Cloud-Based scheduling software also means that you can access the schedule from any place to make the necessary adjustments.

User-Friendly/ Customer Support
The company you choose to go with should not only offer training to acclimate you to the new software, but they should also offer superior customer service to assist during various times of the workday.

The best employee scheduling software should offer live customer support. This is the best way to address urgent issues that may randomly arise. Live support also resolves concerns in the shortest time possible.

Free Trial
Consider brands that offer a free trial period.

Before committing to a contract, you should have the option to test the product, so you will be able to gain first-hand experience.

A free trial will ensure that you do not waste your resources by buying scheduling software that does not meet your business needs.

The truth is that there are a numerous amount of products floating around the market that offer a variety of functionalities.

Some brands even offer free applications and all that is required a monthly subscription for the general product.

Some of the free software does not offer the same benefits as the regularly priced products, but knowing the functionalities of each will help you determine which is a better fit.

Helpful Hint- Some scheduling tools are designed for big enterprises and organizations, so those will require high fees. If your business is smaller in size, choose software that is appropriate with the size of your business.

Reviews/ References
What are your peers saying about the scheduling software that you are interested in?

Reading the reviews of current and former clients will help determine if a product will work for you. These reviews will in some cases highlight some of the most important issues that you may otherwise overlook.

Time Management Feature
A time management feature will ensure that all employees are reporting to work at the appropriate time, on time. The scheduling software should also allow for the scheduling of overtime work, special projects, and any other special activities that employees might be asked to carry out.

Some of the most advanced employee scheduling software has advanced features such as the biometric capability to ensure accuracy in attendance reporting.

How Scheduling Boosts Employee Productivity

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Staffing Employees at the Right Time
As a restaurant owner, managing a restaurant business requires you to staff employees at the right time. You can use sales data to identify the peak hours when business is booming and staff employees accordingly through schedule forecasting.

Training Employees
The best scheduling software should also allow you to identify areas of improvement within the restaurant, allowing you to incorporate training programs.

If employees are not being scheduled due to a lack of experience or knowledge, you can organize a training session to equip them with the appropriate skills they should learn in order to succeed.

As a modern restaurant business manager, take advantage of the available management tools to increase your productivity. There are a number of products available, so choose wisely and ensure the software you go with can easily meet the specific needs of your business. If utilized appropriately, choosing the best scheduling software for your restaurant business will keep you ahead of your competitors and position your business toward profitability.

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