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How Scheduling Software Can Help Your Business Grow

Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


There are many different types of scheduling software available to aid in helping you improve your workday, from appointment scheduling software to time and attendance apps that track employee time and automatically integrate with payroll.

We are going to focus on employee scheduling software and how it can help your business save time, increase productivity, and grow revenue.

What is Employee Scheduling Software?

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Employee scheduling software is software that digitizes and streamlines the employee schedule creation process. It takes the tedium and time-intensive process of creating a schedule manually by hand or in a Microsoft program, like Excel and automates it, saving the business a grand amount of time and money.

Depending on the software features, it can include schedule templates for fast and easy schedule creation, mobile functionality for easy shift changes and instant communication with your team.

Let's take a look at some of the most helpful features and benefits of employee scheduling software.

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Fast Schedule Creation

Employee scheduling software gives you the ability to create employee schedules fast and easily. Schedules can be saved and recycled as templates for the upcoming weeks, making an already quick process even quicker. The schedule can then be instantly shared with team members.

Adapt to Changing Availability

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One of the most frustrating parts of the old manual schedule creation is the difficulty of changing and editing the schedule, for both employee and employer.

How many times have you worked away at creating what you believed to be an accommodating and fair schedule only to have an employee or employees ask you to change a good portion of it?

All that time invested gone to waste.

If the employees had been in the loop of the schedule creation process to begin with, this could have been avoided. An employee scheduling app is designed to do just that.

The software includes mobile features that allow for employee engagement in the scheduling process, time off requests and update notifications right from their mobile device. This feature can improve overall employee morale.

Giving your employees some control over the schedule makes them feel empowered in the workplace and can even positively effective turnover rates. And you no longer have to redo schedules.

Optimized Shift Schedules

Labor costs are perhaps the most onerous expense that businesses must endure. Much of that expense is often wasted time, unfortunately. The dreaded overstaffed shift is cost without benefit and the understaffed shift can stress employees out to the point where they begin to look for a new job elsewhere.

Low employee morale is a hidden expense. It can affect productivity and customer service, ultimately reducing sales and revenue. The answer to this problem is the ability to effectively optimize your shifts.

Employee scheduling software has forecasting features that give you data about past business activity and sales in the same time periods.

Compare year-to-year data or even week-to-week to determine your busiest weeks and busiest days in each of those weeks. From there, you can create your schedule around this data. This eliminates the dreaded understaffed shift and the wasteful overstaffed one.

The best scheduling software will automatically log this data and forecast each day's busiest times, notifying how many employees should be working during certain times and on certain days.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

Improve Communication with Your Team

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It is important to note that employee schedule software does not just assist in schedule creation, but it can be integrated into other systems and sculpted around your business needs.

This tool integrates into most of the operations of the business and builds bridges of communication between employees with managers and employees with coworkers.

The mobile functionality allows for instant communication and real-time updates of schedule requests and shift changes.

Reduces Scheduling Errors & No-Shows

Employee no-shows are less likely for a number of reasons with an employee scheduling app. The mobile functionality allows employees to check the schedule anytime, which reduces the possibility of no-shows caused by forgetfulness.

The ability to easily swap shifts with coworkers and communicate with each other about schedule adjustments, changes, and swaps allows employees to easily manage scheduling conflicts from their mobile device. This makes getting shifts covered a lot easier and reduces no show or last-minute call-ins.

In addition, it also reduces the headache that comes with you having to act as a mediator between employees when they want to swap shifts. The scheduling app makes employees responsible for their own scheduling conflicts.

Last Word

With appointment scheduling software, you have all the benefits of an employee scheduling app in one easy to set up and use package.

Creating weekly employee schedules is no longer a time-consuming headache. Instead, Zip Schedules makes schedule creation an asset to your business.

Quickly create and distribute schedules, optimize your shifts based on real data about busy shifts and even calculate your labor costs all from one easy to set up and easier to use dashboard.

The mobile app feature gives you and your employees the ability to communicate, request shift changes and approve them all from you and your team's mobile devices. Notifications and alerts can be sent to all employees using the app, keeping them updated on schedule changes, which reduces scheduling errors and no-shows.

With Zip Schedules, your schedule works for you.

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